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TGT will launch BiFinance and open Launchpad to realize digital assetization of gold with blockchain technology

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TGT will launch BiFinance and open Launchpad to realize digital assetization of gold with blockchain technology

March 29
11:43 2023

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the idea of Bitcoin. Its network generates new Bitcoins through “mining”, and the so-called “mining” essentially uses computers to solve a complex mathematical problem to ensure the distribution of Bitcoin network. Consistency of the accounting system. Today, digital assets led by Bitcoin have brought more new possibilities to traditional finance. The Golden Token is creating a gold-based universal medium of exchange through blockchain technology for digital asset upgrades.

Project Overview

The Golden Token has created a comprehensive digital economic system, anchored by gold as the basic subject matter, and supports the confirmation, management and circulation of digital assets. TGT is The Golden Token’s ecological native token, and it is also an asset-backed token. One TGT represents a 1 gram of gold London good delivery gold bar, which is stored in a professional vault facility. Backed by physical gold and backed by the global blockchain community, TGT tokens form the backbone of the digital world. As a means of value storage and exchange in the TGT digital economy, tokens can be freely exchanged in the TGT application ecology. TGT’s digital economy is supported by digital financial infrastructure and provides the necessary technology, network and system architecture.

TGT application scenarios

Global trade transactions to redeem the value subject matter

As a digital asset on the chain, TGT is not restricted by time and place for transactions. The use of TGT in global trade circulation can realize global high-speed payment, transaction, and circulation, and the transaction fees generated on the chain are low.

Asset Value Pricing and Trading Tools

Anchoring gold as the value target has higher value stability, which endows TGT with the potential to become a sovereign currency and digital asset valuation benchmark, thus becoming the basic universal value exchange medium for global circulation and digitization.

Low-risk digital derivatives for individual investors

In the traditional trading market, Gold Rongchang is a common asset in the investment portfolio held by individual & institutional investors. It is often used as a hedging tool to mitigate the impact of extreme market waves and protect the long-term value of capital. In addition, TGT also adds financial derivative attributes to indivisible gold, and holders can enjoy certain benefits through the circulation of TGT in commercial and global financial scenarios.

TGT DAO community governance

As the ecological token of The Golden Token, TGT is not only an ecological circulation but also a voting certificate. TGT governance and decision-making are carried out in the form of a decentralized autonomous community (DAO organization). Token holders can initiate proposals for the ecology, and community members vote on resolutions, and publicity is made based on the voting results. The ecological voting decision is announced and confirmed by the council to ensure that the decision-making proposal can be carried out in an orderly manner.

News & Information

According to official news, TGT will be officially launched on the newly promoted institutional digital asset trading platform BiFinance at 16:00 (UTC+8) on March 31.

About BiFinance

BiFinance is an institutional-level digital asset trading platform that discovers global high-quality digital asset targets with innovative investment research review standards. At present, it provides transactions of a variety of mainstream cryptocurrencies and continues to carry out research and development of digital derivative products, providing safe, stable and convenient diversified encryption services for global encryption users. As an international cryptocurrency platform, it is professionally operated and maintained by industry top talents from many countries and regions, providing one-stop encrypted asset business for millions of users in more than 130 countries and regions. Relying on many years of experience as a broker in traditional finance, it is in the leading position in the industry in terms of technology platform, rich product line, security risk control system and operation and maintenance system.

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