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Siccura Ltd. Introduces Siccura Family: An Amazing App That Protects the Digital Privacy of Every Family

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Siccura Ltd. Introduces Siccura Family: An Amazing App That Protects the Digital Privacy of Every Family

November 03
01:21 2019
What happens in the family should stay within the family

Siccura Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of its unique app that secures the digital privacy of family members. With the fast increase in the use of the internet and digital tools which makes it easier to share photos and videos, there is always the risk of a privacy breach. Furthermore, email addresses and passwords are saved and shared online and this increases the vulnerability of every family to privacy invasion.

It’s very easy to protect the privacy of your home, car and even your life, but when it comes to digital life it becomes difficult. So, if you’re worried about the safety of your digital life and that of your family or you’re in need of a mobile application that gives you and your family the total control of your personal data, look no further because Siccura Family is your best choice.

Siccura Family is specially designed to protect everything that you and your family have created, whether it’s a line of communication or data stores. No matter how rich the data is – be it a simple message, password, or a high definition video – Siccura boxes it up and stores it safely anywhere, from the cloud to the C drive.

With a single application, yours and your family’s digital privacy problems are tackled at source. Siccura Family locks the data the moment it is created and this gives the assurance that nobody can access it without your permission. Siccura Family lets the entire family take control of everything sent, shared and stored. The app gives keys to each family member, and they decide who gets the key.

Special features of Siccura Family

  • TOTAL SECURITY of all common forms of communication such as Instant Messaging, Emails, SMS, and data storage.
  • SEAMLESS AND SIMPLE SOLUTION to synchronize everyone’s existing email, SMS, and Cloud storage accounts. No one needs to change their email or cloud storage service.
  • PROTECTION for those precious photos, videos, and emails sitting on existing emails, devices, and cloud storage accounts without the need to transfer them.
  • TOTAL CONTROL as every member can take back, password protects or restricts the number of time contacts can view photos or read messages.
  • Siccura Family bolts onto any email or cloud accounts including Gmail, Yahoo, and Google Drive.

Subscribe now to Siccura Family and start protecting what matters the most to you and your family.

Siccura Family app is available for download on Android and IOS

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