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Pongchain’s first currency change game, the King of Gods, was born

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Pongchain’s first currency change game, the King of Gods, was born

November 03
10:50 2019

With the development of science, the technology of blockchain has become more and more mature. The world giants have also embraced the booming blockchain.  However, according to relevant statistics, the game itself is also an ecological circle of the blockchain.  The games are loved by the masses because of their various types.  Although blockchain games belong to a new category, their popularity is very high.  Many games have great impacts in the market.

The development of traditional games still has its limitations.  With the popularity of blockchain, many traditional games have entered the blockchain.  Although the concept of blockchain is added, many traditional games are hollow and cannot really merge with blockchain.  As an industry-leading public chain of games, pongchain has also been helping traditional games enter the blockchain industry.  Recently, pongchain’s first large-scale currency change mobile game, the King of Gods game, has been tested internally and is about to be launched. The author is lucky enough to express his views on this currency change mobile game after the first test.

Behind pongchain’s large-scale mobile game the King of Gods is a team full of vision, rich industry experience and strong execution capability. Its members have shown mature strategic determination and excellent operation ability. In a short period of time, they have developed steadily and successfully passed through the bull and bear markets. With the platform’s excellent flow advantage and highly competitive business model, they have seized the territory of blockchain game.  The greatest combination of the King of Gods game and the blockchain is that the token of this game is no longer the game points, but the ecological token pong of the pongchain, which combines the pongchain ecological token with the large-scale moble game. In the game industry, pongchain is the first to do so. Such innovative attempt is also an important measure for the pongchain to assist the traditional game.

Therefore, as the first currency change game of pongchain, what are the advantages of the King of Gods?

First of all, whether it is a traditional game or a blockchain game, the game attribute is the most important.  The game must have the basic characteristics of the game, it takes into account both entertainment and playability.  Blockchain is only a technology, and the most critical factor to decide the future of the game is playability.  Therefore, it is necessary to continuously innovate the game mode and improve the entertainment experience.

Secondly, in the game ecology, the value of the blockchain is to shape a new game economy system and enhance the economic interaction between games and the real world.  For example, some equipment items in the game are virtual assets in essence, and a complete monetary system can be established in the game depending on the blockchain.  This means that the virtual assets in the game are tokenized. After the introduction of pongchain for currency change, the virtual assets acquired by the players become real valuable assets pong, which can circulate freely in the secondary market.  Therefore, when players no longer play this game, they can sell pong obtained in the game to the market for circulation or replace it with other equipment in other games.  Instead of being like before, all the efforts made by the gamers before will be wiped out as long as the game officials decide to stop taking them.  At the same time, with the help of the economic model of pongchain ecological token pong, players’ position in the game will be greatly improved, and the pattern of traditional game distribution monopolized by channel and flow will no longer exist.

About the visual effect of the game, as the first currency change project of pongchain, the King of Gods has not only been technically upgraded, but also has been enhanced in the sense of the game.  It allows users to get a more practical sense of experience, and its 5D mode allows the background of the characters to get a more real visual experience.

In the blockchain game platform built by pongchain, its native digital token – pong token, will be used as the native token to preserve the value and ensure the circulation in the economic system of this currency change game platform.  Pong can be used to invest in game rights, equipment and characters, which can appreciate with the increase of popularity of the game.  Pongchain also provides a variety of investment scenarios in its new version of pongchain app application. Game players can also use pong to invest freely circulating game assets to meet people’s investment needs.  In the future, there will be more and more blockchain games running in pongchain, and pongchain will continue to help the traditional game currency change.  Moreover, it will also provide a free game distribution platform for game developers to reduce the cost of game distribution in an all-round way.  Therefore, pongchain, as a South Korean project, will definitely leave its proud history and achievements in the area of blockchain games.

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