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China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Offer Vacuum Tubes from Leading Brands Psvane & Shuguang at Reasonable Prices

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China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Offer Vacuum Tubes from Leading Brands Psvane & Shuguang at Reasonable Prices

November 05
03:41 2019
The online store has best matched pairs of vacuum tubes from PSVANE and Shuguang at affordable prices. Besides, customers can also explore their Yaqin Amplifier range.

For music lovers, China-Hifi-Audio has always in the forefront in bringing the best quality products at cost saving prices. Besides amplifiers and preamplifiers, the online store now brings a significant collection of best matched pairs of tubes. These tubes are from some of the leading brands, and customers can get these tubes at the best prices. Music lovers can also choose from a wide range of Yaqin Audio amplifiers that China-Hifi-Audio has in its stock.

China-Hifi-Audio Announces to Offer Vacuum Tubes from Leading Brands Psvane & Shuguang at Reasonable Prices

The online store brings vacuum tubes that can be paired with different amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players and other tube electronics to enhance the music quality. The Shuguang Tube collection available in their stock can be a prize possession for any music enthusiast. These tubes are 100% brand new and feature Western Electric’s high-end original design. The price for Quad(4) of Shuguang vacuum tube is highly reasonable when compared with that of other online stores and music electronics retailers. The online store ships these vacuum tubes in the original edition boxes only. They also have the Dawning PLUS series of tubes that were originally designed by a Dawning’s senior engineer who also used to be a member of the National Electric Vacuum Standards Committee. Moreover, these tubes are manufactured by adopting an advanced manufacturing process and special grade materials.

The online store also has the best matched pairs of PSVANE tubes in its collection. Available at reduced prices, most of these tubes can be shipped without charging any shipping cost from the buyer. These tubes are also 100% brand new and are available with a one-year warranty. These tubes guarantee a long-lasting performance when used according to the recommended operating conditions. According to the spokesperson, these tubes are designed as per the countless vision that one can relive in order to ensure the nobility of the voice. The company engineers are always full of passion to design vacuum tubes that can add joy and music to everyone’s life.

China-Hifi-Audio also has an impressive Yaqin Amplifier range. These amplifiers are available at great prices and are available with a one-year warranty. All Yaqin amplifiers in their stock are 100% brand new, and the online store ships them in their original edition boxes only. A customer can choose from different models of Yaqin amplifiers that China-Hifi-Audio in their stock. These amplifiers come fitted with high quality components and can guarantee a long-lasting performance. Most of these machines are loud and wide and the sound delivered is very little distorted. The machines adopt an outstanding improvement and the grade has enlarged the circuit of the amplifier. The amplifiers come fitted with high capacity output transformers, made from special purpose silicone steel sheets.

To check the features of these vacuum tubes or Yaqin amplifiers, one can visit the website

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