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Congratulations to ImBroker3.0 stock exchange coming online soon

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Congratulations to ImBroker3.0 stock exchange coming online soon

November 05
06:19 2019

According to CoinMarketCap, as of December 30, 2018, the total market value of digital currency reached $130.493 billion, with a total daily turnover of $167.32 trillion. Digital currencies have become an asset class that cannot be ignored. At the same time of rapid development, digital currency market also has a lot of problems that make market participants feel troubled. First due to the digital currency markets there are serious information asymmetry, traders need to bear the huge price fluctuations, but no one can share views, exchange experiences platform, two many exchanges due to digital currency market liquidity is dispersed, cause investors to big deals in the single market to bear larger impact cost, when the total volume is relatively small COINS on the more obvious. The tri-digital currency market is large, but the flow is extremely fragmented, and there is a lack of brokers who integrate the flow and provide professional customer service.

The encrypted digital currency market needs to build a more complete infrastructure to meet the traders’ requirements for ease of use and professionalism of tools, provide reliable market information, issue a variety of financial derivatives to suit different risk preferences, protect the interests of investors and lower the threshold of entry for investors. The realization of the above needs depends on the establishment of a relatively perfect and quantifiable credit system. The distrust of blockchain is not to abandon credit, but to establish a higher level of trust that cannot be tampered with through procedural means. Under this credit evaluation system, it provides the underlying financial services of encrypted digital currency and builds the financial service facilities of encrypted digital currency, so as to attract more users to participate in the cryptocurrency market and promote the ecological expansion and industry development. LmBroker is such a platform. It is designed to be a one-stop trading platform for digital currency.

ImBroker will be committed to building a global station purchase, all the people share, all the people enjoy super VIP experience brokerage system, build a truly decentralized cloud brokerage system! Different from the traditional digital currency exchange, it is based on the digital currency brokerage service and provides multiple value-added services for users, in order to make users more worry free, professional and profitable in digital currency trading. According to the design positioning of ImBroker, the main functions of lmBroker system include: digital currency trading brokerage service, capital management and investment consulting service, wallet service, quantitative trading service and social and information service.

One-stop complete trading experience: users only need to register an account on ImBroker platform to trade multiple currency pairs on multiple exchanges, as well as enjoy financing and financing services directly related to trading.

Lower cost and higher income: users can trade digital currency through ImBroker platform, which does not need to meet the predetermined minimum entry limit and minimum trading volume of the single exchange, and can enjoy the preferential rate of the single exchange. At the same time, users can easily search the best executable price across the whole network through lmBroker platform to improve the rate of return.

Easy-to-use professional trading tools: lmBroker provides users with multiple sets of placing algorithms to meet the different needs of users; LmBroker system can provide customized market risk monitoring and management system according to user needs. In addition, ImBroker system will provide investors with real-time trade confirmation, transaction cost analysis, portfolio analysis and other investment advisory tools.

Diversified investment requirements: through the ImBroker system, users can purchase digital currency in addition to cash

Digital currency derivatives to meet hedging or speculative needs.

Multiple value-added services: lmBroker provides users with investor education platform, investor service market and social services Yuan value-added services.

LmBroker products have many characteristics. The overall architecture is divided into four levels. The consensus layer adopts DPOS algorithm to ensure the extensibility of the common chain. The wallet layer USES decentralized wallet to solve the problem of asset security of users. The cloud brokerage system solves the current pain point of digital currency trading. The trusted threshold transaction chain solves the problem of transaction record traceability and ensures the traceability of all transactions. In terms of user interaction, ImBroker system provides multiple access methods through the trading tool layer: web side, desktop client side, APP side and API for quantifying trading users, which facilitates users to use ImBroker system anytime and anywhere.

In addition,lmBroker system USES intelligent front-end on all covered platforms, gathering multiple exchanges and multiple currency pairs in a single front-end. Compared with users who need to open multiple web pages or install multiple intelligent front-end of APPImBroker system on their mobile phones when using multiple exchanges, it can bring great convenience to users. At the same time, the trusted threshold trading chain: trading records on the chain to confirm the right; Clear and traceable. As the complete main body of the brokerage business platform, ImBroker is equipped with all the functions of the securities broker. At the same time, it is based on the transaction confirmation and traceability of the trusted transaction chain, which makes the transaction of digital assets more clear and credible.

IBK profit trading commission to IBK enjoy trading commission discount. Including spot, futures, options, contracts for differences and other fund mall issue fund pledge IBK as risk margin; Payment IBK, subscription and redemption fee technical service payment IBK products and services for institutions financing with IBK financing with interest social entertainment with IBK social games and other service fees investment banking business payment IBK consulting, financing, underwriting, road show, sponsor on the currency and other incubation services

The mining group represented by Fcoin staged the return of Kings in the exploration of tongzheng economy. Decentralized exchange represented by DEX gradually came into public view under the background of improved performance of public chain. The intelligent aggregation exchange model, represented by currency, is expected to be a real industry disrupter by integrating all the exchanges into one

When the circle is still chasing, dissecting and thinking about various models, the aggregation exchange should be set up to aggregate 90% digital currency of global mainstream exchanges, provide users with global exchange trading services, and help users improve trading efficiency and profit through intelligent system.

Polymerization exchange not only on a platform polymerization docking several exchange, realize the exchange “currency polymerization” and “depth aggregation”, can be more exchanges between intelligent comparison, for the user to choose the minimum purchase price and the highest selling price, can be selectively arbitrage, covering 90% of the market, currency, within a platform can most of the mainstream exchange currency trading, on save user time is doing very well indeed. The operating principle is very simple. Users open trading accounts in the exchange, directly charge funds into the exchange, and the intelligent operating system can conduct trading operations between different platforms.

Imbroker is now joined by hundreds of communities in China, which will welcome 3.0 converged exchanges. As the complete main body of the brokerage business platform, it is equipped with all the functions of the securities firm. At the same time, the transaction right confirmation and traceability based on the trusted trading chain make the digital asset trading more clear and reliable.

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