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How To Stay Motivated To Keep Fit For 2020 New Year’s Resolution – Fitness And Body

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How To Stay Motivated To Keep Fit For 2020 New Year’s Resolution – Fitness And Body

November 07
07:26 2019, the experts behind fitness equipment and who produce the ultimate fitness equipment buyers guide wants to help people stay motivated when it comes to their fitness regime.

The people behind the ultimate buyer’s guide for top fitness equipment have put together motivational tips to help people stick to their New Year’s Resolution to become fitter and healthier., understand how people can lose their motivation when training for a better body, and the reason behind the motivational tips is down to a report in 2019.

In 2019 a survey was conducted with 1,075 adults taking part. The survey was to find out how many people would make a New Year’s Resolution for 2020. 44 percent said they would with 13 percent stipulating that their resolution would be to become fitter. The resolution to become fitter is a popular New Years Resolution which is reflected in 6,400 fitness clubs in the U.S seeing a rise in membership by 10.8 percent in January. However, 80 percent of those people who made a New Year’s Resolution in 2019 failed within the first two months. That is reflected with fitness clubs seeing a drop-in membership by March. The reason why so many people give up on their fitness is down to motivation. However, aims to change that. has put together tips to help people stay motivated to keep fit.

1. Get A Workout Buddy

One of the biggest reasons why so many people give up on their New Year’s Resolution to keep fit is boredom. Going to the gym or exercising at home on one’s own can be boring. Due to that boredom, some people feel less motivated to carry on with their fitness routine and give up. Having a partner to train with is much more enjoyable and will keep the motivation up to exercise.

2. Train At Home

Another big reason why so many people give up on their fitness goals is the hassle of going down to the gym or fitness centre. A lot of people have busy lives and trying to find time in that busy work life to exercise can be very frustrating. The last thing a lot of people want to do after a hard day’s work is to spend half an hour or so going to the gym. By purchasing fitness equipment for the home, this removes the hassle of traveling to the gym.

3. Hire A One To One Personal Trainer

When you feel less motivated and start to get bored with your training, then hiring a personal trainer for an hour or two will help to solve this. A personal trainer can provide new forms of exercise and refresh a workout routine. Personal trainers can be found at the gym and they can also be hired for the home.

4. Focus On How Good Exercising Can Be

Most people who exercise feel so much better after a good workout. By focusing on the positives of a workout which includes achieving your goals and feeling healthier and more refreshed, it will keep that motivation alive.

5. Remember The Goals You Want To Achieve

By focusing on the goal that you want to achieve, will help motivate you to keep up the fitness routine.

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