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Seventeen-Year-Old Businessman Prashant Gupta Is Carving Out A Niche For Himself

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Seventeen-Year-Old Businessman Prashant Gupta Is Carving Out A Niche For Himself

November 08
00:23 2019
A 17-year old teen from India is creating is a buzz, leading the way for young entrepreneurs.

Prashant Gupta, a seventeen-year-old boy, is now making a name in the realm of business. Age does not equal success. No one knows that more than the young entrepreneur Prashant. He doesn’t need a driver’s license or a university diploma to transform his ideas into a successful and fruitful business.

Prashant is one of the very few under eighteen businesspersons who are carving out a niche for himself. This young man has already played a massive role in inspiring the youth of the nation. After being challenged by his tenth board examination, Prashant realized that he’s really into the business.

When he was in eleventh grade, he thought of creating a small start-up based business with the limited means he had. Fortunately, it turned out to be a massive success and gave him the assurance he needed to discover other opportunities and invest in more ideas. He was one of the brightest students in his class. However, Prashant was saddened to his studies, taking a backseat throughout the time, but wasn’t able to do things correspondingly well all at once.

Considering that India is a young nation and the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji has been supportive of entrepreneurs as well as the booming culture in the country, Prashant offers various websites that run under Shopify, an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-systems.

With a small amount of investment, Prashant decided to begin with the concept that he must sell the products, which could be slurped up by the Indian consumers but weren’t being sold. His e-commerce store imports the products they sell from China, making sure every item is made from high-quality and superior materials.

What’s more, with the advent of social media marketing today, he understands the huge role social media plays in his business. In fact, Prashant takes pride in using different social media platforms to widen the reach of his business.

“Our business pages are very active and are responsive to customer’s feedback and queries. Personally, I am also quite active on social media. I keep getting a lot of messages on Instagram enquiring about our business and products that we offer,” said Prashant on an interview.

When his company started, he marketed the business-extensive with the help of Facebook Ads. The best thing about his e-commerce store is that they were able to engage with their customers on a personal basis, allowing them to deliver the best products every shopper is looking for.

About Prashant Gupta

Prashant Gupta is a 17-year-old youngster who is creating a name in the business sector. He is currently running an e-commerce store and aims to encourage more youth to step in entrepreneurship.

To learn more about Prashant, send him an email at mailto:[email protected]. Check out his official Instagram account @iz_prashant.

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