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BOOX Note2 – An Amazing Study Tool All Students Should Have

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BOOX Note2 – An Amazing Study Tool All Students Should Have

November 08
08:41 2019

BOOX Note2 - An Amazing Study Tool All Student Should Have

Recently, Onyx just released a new digital paper BOOX Note2 on 1st, November, which is specifically designed for study. Like many other E Ink devices, BOOX Note2 features a display that can significantly reduce digital eye strain. E Ink display allows you to enjoy the convenience of technology as well as to experience the traditional paper-like feeling. Users of E Ink displays have said that they do not have the same eye fatigue as with LCDs when reading for long hours. More than that, this device is amazing for students to read substantial research papers and take lecture notes.

Once upon a time, to university students, the only way to do study research was to sit in a library and have their nose in a book. Speaking of the academic papers, the first image in our mind is that a stack of A4 papers that cannot be carried up by only one hand. But nowadays it’s quite difficult to see that since the electronics intrude into our life. Thanks to the appearance of PDF files, scholars do not have to suffer printing hundreds of pages, binding them, modifying and then rebinding, taking along, with page bend and wear.

What is PDF Format?

PDF(Portable Document Format) is a file format developed by Adobe Systems. It is a proprietary format that allows you to read electronic documents. This format provides your document in the best format. You can easily view your document page-by-page as they appear in their printed form.

Why do we need eReaders?

Students started to read PDF research papers on a desktop or laptop. But the problem is, technologies also bring eyestrain to us. Digital eye strain, also known as computer vision syndrome, encompasses a range of common symptoms like eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and pain in the neck and shoulders, and estimates suggest its prevalence may be 50% or more among computer users. Therefore, if there is a versatile eReader that could assist in everything from improving time management and alleviate eyestrain, students really benefit a lot from it. Now BOOX Note2 meets all your needs. Let’s take a look at how BOOX Note2 performs.

PDF Experience

BOOX Note2 features a 10.3-inch display that The Neo Reader is an app that comes pre-installed on BOOX Note2, which revolutionizes the PDF experience. You can crop, change layouts, and adjust settings for PDFs on it. The 10.3-inch screen is not as large as A4 size paper but still perfectly adequate for most PDFs. Meanwhile, its size is portable enough that you can carry it around you anywhere.

Zoom-in and zoom-out are the basic features for users to read on an eReader. Still and all, it is not as convenient as reading a paper. The feature of the cropping page helps to suit the paper to BOOX Note2. You can manually crop the pages or make it automatically cropped by only a click. After cropping, the blank on every side has been cut down and the novel becomes more precise and easeful to read.

At the time you come up with an excellent idea, you catch it and write it down on the paper immediately. How about with an Onyx Boox E-reader? Same as what you do on paper. Take a stylus, directly jot down your crazy idea anywhere on an article in not only the PDF format but also nearly all e-book formats such as mobi, epub, txt, etc.

All of the users deserve a better reading experience which keeps you away from fatigue under a long-time reading. To adjust word font is one of the most effective ways. More than that, you may adjust justification, straighten, columns and text direction of PDF files. In the case that you need to read a research paper in the form of two columns, the article mode is highly recommended. In this mode, the display will enlarger the display, and it will show the content in one of the same column first, and show another when you turn the pages, instead of showing two columns at the same time.

Furthermore, two books or notes simultaneously share the screen at an equal size so you can easily refer to related content in two documents, so you can read like there are two real books side by side on your hand.

Writing Experience

BOOX Note2 has a WACOM digitizer layer for stylus support, for up to 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity, which means you can write on Note2 like on a real paper. When you write strongly, the ink looks darker and vice versa. When you are drawing on the screen, the stylus is very responsive. There is nearly no latency when you write or erase something. Drawing feels really natural and this device is the closest you will get to writing on real paper.

One more interesting feature is the greyscale, black and varying levels of gray. Red, green and blue are also available but those colors are only visible when you export the file to your local computers. There are also geometrical shapes such as triangles, squares, and circles. These can be re-sized and rotated when imported into your documents.

The text recognition feature is also amazing. You can write or just draw text using the stylus and it will automatically convert it into typed text. This is good if you are taking notes in class.

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