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Australian Skincare Brand Thera Lady Invents the First Nano-silver Intensive Whitening Serum “Pure Silver Ampoule”

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Australian Skincare Brand Thera Lady Invents the First Nano-silver Intensive Whitening Serum “Pure Silver Ampoule”

November 08
22:20 2019

The famous Australian skincare brand, Thera lady, which was known all over the global skincare market because of its product, “Pure Golden Ampoule” with the function of repairing skin after staying up late, found in the laboratory that the main crime culprit darkening the skin is heavy metal residue in the air, foods and cosmetics. Based on this discovery, after the extreme popular “Pure Golden Ampoule”, Thera lady launches a new product again – the first nano-silver intensive whitening serum “Pure Silver Ampoule” which could effectively clear the heavy metal residue in the skin away and help the beauty to completely solve the problem of skin whitening.

Scientific research found that the reason of the ineffectiveness of whitening lies in the excessive heavy metals of skin. With the development of modern society, the haze and pm2.5 in the air, the pollutant in the foods and water and the vestigital of cosmetics will all cause the “heavy metal pollutions” in the skin.

If the heavy metal ions residuals like plumbum, mercury, arsenic, cadmium in foods and cosmetics didn’t been wiped out in time and still left in the skin, they will cause the aging of collagen, the hyperplasia of melanin and all kinds of toxin, some problems like stubborn black skin, discoloration, dull yellow and patch will also appear in the skin. While the normal cosmetics is unhelpful to those phenomena, and even because of the irregularity of their qualities, they will aggravate these sympyoms.

The leader of lab in famous Australian skincare brand Thera lady told the journalist, after years of research, they finally solved this problem. They succeeded in applying Ag+ nano-silver technology into the area of skincare products and invented the first nano-silver intensive whitening serum. This product could penetrate directly into the skin, accelerate the metabolism of heavy metals, resist the production of melanin in the skin, rebuilt cells and help the beauty to completely solve the problem of skin whitening.

According to information, the secret of the rapid whitening of Pure Silver Ampoule originated from the world-famous Cunnington silver mine in Australia. According to historical records, silver is the earliest medicine of all mankind, ancient Macedonian soldiers covered their wounds with silver tablets to prevent inflammation… Silver and silver ion products are more widely used in modern medical systems in various countries, 90% of which are made of high-quality natural silver (Ag) from Cunnington, Australia.

“According to the recognition of international medical circles, silver is a natural ingredient with effects of detoxication, antiphlogosis and anticorrosion.” According to the introduction of specialties in Thera Lady, “researches states that active silver ions could penetrate into skin bottom which is 240 mu away from the skin surface, positively-charged cations like Ag+、Ag2+ 、Ag3+ are quite dynamic, they could not only form a strong associative key with the DNA of inflammatory bacteria cells so that a variety of trace elements and nutrients could continue to activate the cell, then the cell appears younger, but also they could generate activities in skin tissue to accelerate the circle of cytosol and easily strip the heavy metals like arsenic, sulphur, mercury and plumbum hiding in the away from fat, cells and intercellular space away from human bodies, then desalt the heavy metal elements causing the melanism of skin. Meanwhile, thanks to the intervention of silver ions, the skin can absorb other nutrients more fully, they could also help to eliminate inflammation caused by minor skin lesions and remove the various factors that cause melanism of skin.”

Besides the fine silver ingredients of Cunnington, Australia, Pure Silver Ampoule of Thera lady has whitening agents, nicotinamide with high purity and extracts from various natural and rare plants in Australia. It could allow users to say goodbye to “metal face” in 28 days, the skin will also become bright and white.

It is reported that after the publishing of this new skin whitening product, it has gained the highly attention in the global beauty makeup circle. Industry analysis, the unique application in cannington pure silver ingredients from Pure Silver Ampoule of Thera lady maybe create a new generation of safer and more efficient whitening essence, and cause a great impact on the traditional whitening markets. 

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