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A gene research centre at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has been set up in New Zealand to study genetic resistance to ageing

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A gene research centre at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) has been set up in New Zealand to study genetic resistance to ageing

November 08
22:26 2019

Immortality, from legend to reality. On November 1, 2019 local time, the gene research center – New Zealand Gene Research & Development Limited and Auckland University of Technology (AUT) announced that they will join their resources in research and development, where the genome center was set up in Auckland University of Technology, specialising in genetic anti-aging technology, and the production of NMN will become the center of the first object of study.

Reporter learned that the New Zealand Gene Research & Development Limited is the new world’s leading gene research center, relying on New Zealand’s leading global biotechnology research and development strength, as well as the pure and local natural raw materials. New Zealand Gene Research & Development Limited has become a top research incubator in the world, when the global pharmaceutical giants wanted to commercialise a cutting-edge biotechnology. The Auckland University of Technology founded in 1895, is one of the top national universities in New Zealand and has been rated as a 5-star university by Quacquarelli Symonds, an international education organisation. The university’s life sciences program is one of New Zealand’s pride.

Auckland University of Technology gene research centre, aims to slow-down the process of ageing and extend peoples’ lives by repairing genetic cells.

This may sound like a myth, but it turns out that in mainstream science, a way has been found to supplement NMN.

NMN is the world’s first scientific breakthrough to significantly reverse aging and extend life span; the head of the Auckland University of Technology’s gene research center told reporters, its anti-aging effect was preliminarily discovered by David Sinclair’s laboratory of Harvard University in 2014. From 2016 to 2018, it was developed by Harvard medical school, University of Washington, Japan’s Keio University and other world top scientific research institutions to reverse muscle atrophy and improve physical fitness. Other factors such as inhibition of age-related cognitive decline, reversing vascular death, protecting cardiovascular, cerebrovascular functions and other aspects have proved its significant effect in inhibiting aging and prolonging life.

The experimental results showed that the physical strength and stamina of aged animals taking NMN were more than 60% higher than, that of the non-taking group of the same age, even exceeding the youth level, which could extend the life span of experimental animals similar to humans by as much as 1/3. Many of the world’s richest people are big fans of NMN, and Li ka-shing, who is over 91, has revealed that he was taking NMN supplements for a long time in order to keep him young.

“We strive to promote the benefits of NMN, conducted by New Zealand’s leading global biological scientific and technological achievements using New Zealand local natural ingredients, to improve the existing NMN, increasing the absorption effect and making it available to customers who were not able to afford the NMN anti-aging products. This will benefit consumers around the world and our ultimate goal is to help people live to be 150 years old!” the team said.

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