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AITC public blockchain strengthens the implementation of payment application “join 750000 hotel booking platforms”

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AITC public blockchain strengthens the implementation of payment application “join 750000 hotel booking platforms”

November 08
23:20 2019

According to the statistics of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), the global tourism industry contributed 9.8 trillion US dollars in 2017, accounting for almost 10% of the global GDP, and created about 9.1% of the world’s employment opportunities. It is one of the fastest growing and largest industries in the world.

Looking at the world, the contribution of world tourism to the economy is beyond doubt. The huge market of tourism plays an important role in today’s society. Judging from the overall forecast blueprint, the prospect of tourism industry in the next decade is expected to surpass the global economy, and enhance the market value of global and domestic economic production, including employment, export and investment activities. In addition to leading the global economy over the next decade, tourism is also expected to surpass other major global economic sectors, including communications, financial and business services, manufacturing, retail and distribution. 

November 9th to November 11th, in three days, at the Boao Forum for Asia International Conference Center, a 3000 person cross-border cultural and creative event, 80 + industry top leaders including artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data were gathered together, which created differentiated tourism products and lead the new trend of cultural and tourism industry.

At the conference, AITC tourism public blockchain attended the conference as an invited guest, and signed a strategic cooperation contract with Easily Travel, the blockchain hotel booking website. Easily Travel is an enterprise of SBC group in Switzerland. It has 750000 hotels in 123 countries.Through the blockchain payment system, it is officially used in various countries and industries, making the hotel payment and reward system more convenient and perfect. Through this cooperation, AITC Easily Travel will jointly promote the landing and popularization of blockchain applications.

750000 hotels include (Hong Kong Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shanghai Peninsula Hotel, Marriott Hotel in Beijing, Grand View Resort Beitou, Kuala Lumpur Hotel in San Regis, Pan Pacific Hotel in Manila, oak senior hotel in Tokyo, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, QT Hotel in Sydney, etc.), and users can enjoy room booking convenience and reward feedback at preferential prices. In addition to accepting traditional payment channels, the digital asset payment channel has also been officially implemented in line with the national pace. Through the AITC link to book rooms, users can get preferential hotel prices, but also get the consumption reward of AITC token. With the help of the token economy, everyone will jointly build the strongest application of the public tourism chain, innovate the industry ecology, and truly promote the project vision of “one currency for one world”. 

Following the trend, AITC public blockchain, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, provides tourists with personalized and customized exclusive tourism experience. Our platform has a free and flexible schedule, as well as a strict guide selection system, and even can customize guide according to personal preferences through intelligent selection; With the decentralized and tamper proof technology of blockchain, the reliability, transparency and transaction security of the platform ecosystem are substantially improved. Not only does it solve the industry’s real pain spot, but the strong global tourism resource base behind it also makes landing faster.  What is more important is that its tourism ecosystem plays an extremely important role in promoting the industry reform and reshaping the industry pattern.

The establishment of AITC aims to build a comprehensive tourism platform in which all the people in the community are guides. Through blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, the operation mode of today’s tourism industry is completely changed, and the dominant power of tourism are transferred to the hands of tourists, so as to provide the most appropriate, perfect and affordable customized services for every tourist.

The era of “application scenario is crucial”

The blockchain is in a state of conceptual explosion.  As long as there is trading strength and public blockchain background, countless resources around the world will be ready to use the blockchain. The application scale is on the way. The blockchain itself is not the bottleneck, and the gateway and support technology on and off the blockchain are the key.

AITC public blockchain, with a solid technical foundation, also launched its own DAPP “Artificial Intelligence Travel Coin”, with the function of whole region tourism + video clip+ social platform positioning, in just one year, it has incubated hundreds of thousands of fans and moved towards one million fans.

AITC strength application scenarios cover shopping malls, tourism supporting applications, national tourist attractions ticketing, orchestra ticketing ordering and internet celebrity building platform, etc. Through the payment, contra-account and reward mechanism, blockchain payment applications and rewards can create more market and personal value through the platform.

The current stage is even more a stage of entering the world, transferring with powerful platforms for application and strengthening the development of resources. EasilyTravel has become the first platform which cooperates with Swiss in China, so that members can enjoy the booking convenience of 750000 hotels around the world and get rewards with traditional models.


Powerful DAPP landing application 

AITC tourism public blockchain was born under the promotion of elites from all walks of life.  The advance of the Artistic Intelligence Travel Coin is unstoppable.  It has reformed the ecology of the tourism industry, launched DAPP incubation, and teamed up with 750,000 hotels around the world. This is only the beginning.  An industrial chain will be a lifelong career, building step by step the corporate vision of one coin, one world!  Artistic Intelligence Travel Coin will create the new ecology of the tourism industry, build a new future for the world tourism, and use the tools of the times to make the world a better place!

AITC was available in FT exchange on November 6. According to the official information of FT exchange, AITC’s online opening quotation is 0.015 usdt. Up to now, the highest increase on that day is 900%, and now the quotation is 0.0476 usdt. FT exchange is provided with technical support and fund custody by OKEx, sharing the trading depth, legal currency channel and users of OKEx. Now FT exchange opens the application for free!

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