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The 16th world conference on Chinese medicine was held in Hungary

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The 16th world conference on Chinese medicine was held in Hungary

November 09
00:33 2019

The 16th world conference on Chinese medicine and One Belt And One Road Chinese medicine academic exchange activity will be held in Budapest, Hungary on November 8, 2019. During the event, Chinese medicine scientists, government officials and entrepreneurs from all over the world will share their theoretical research and clinical experience, research results and new inventions. 

The famous Chinese medicine doctor Nie Wentao will attend the meeting and personally lead many Shen Nong’s Hand-Eye inheritors to do a rehabilitation demonstration for all kinds of joint injuries. More than 3,000 years ago, Jiang Ziya taught his grandson Nie Shi Shen Nong’s Hand-Eye. Then he joined the military command of King Wu of Zhou as a scholar. The Six Arts of War recorded Nie Shi’s duties as “Controlling 100 medicines to cure wounds and to cure all diseases”. This is the earliest military medical system recorded. These technologies, which do not require much large equipment, can be passed down in the form of a family craft.

Starting in 1996, Dr. Nie Wentao began a long-term independent study. The final conclusion is as follows: First, cereal can relieve the signs of diabetes, improve the quality of life of the patients, and blood glucose rises first and then falls. Second, the unhealthy problems should be solved first, and then the blood glucose will gradually stabilize, which means that complications are the magnification of the cause of diabetes. Thirteen years later, in 2009, the American Diabetes Association began to broaden blood glucose in hospitalized patients, fasting 7.8~10mmol/L. On March 6, 2018, the American Association of physicians issued a standard that set no upper limit for blood glucose in patients with severe diseases and first maintains the quality of life. In 2019, European diabetes standards set no upper limit on blood glucose in severely ill patients. Doctor Nie Wentao has opened a new treatment direction for diabetes by verifying the ancient Chinese medicine technology.

The conference will be hosted by the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies and Central and Eastern European Chinese Medicine Societies and Hungarian Chinese Medicine Societies. The Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economy, and the Hungarian Conference Bureau all will give their support. 

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