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New Distributed Financial Products Created the Next Generation of Wealth

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New Distributed Financial Products Created the Next Generation of Wealth

November 11
19:31 2019

The Wall Street Journal predicted that the block chain will be the biggest financial technological innovation in 500 years.  At that time, many people were amused by this predictive remark.  However, this situation will soon be reversed in 2019 and the chain of blocks are recognized by many people.

Distributed Finance (DeFi) has become one of the most exciting prospects of blockchain. Many people are aware of the impact of DeFi on the financial world as open source changes software products, open source software and distributed networks are used to transform traditional financial products into untrusted and transparent protocols that operate without unnecessary intermediaries.

According to the report of Consensys, more than 100 cutting-edge blockchain projects are doing pioneering work in the field of decentralized finance, such as stable currencies based on Ethereum, DEX (decentralized exchange), investment, derivatives, payments, loans and insurance platforms.  Surprisingly, statistics show that decentralized finance is now an economic system worth up to US$ 1.03 billion.

Recently, a new type of distributed financial product is about to be launched. It is, which is a completely decentralized open source financial product based on ParkWay. Everyone can earn Ethereum according to open and transparent rules.

RichyForest invests in Ethereum, and the income is also the cold wallet that Ethereum automatically distributes to the user. The user will only receive the recommended reward and total bonus calculated through smart contracts. RichyForest does not need to register, and the account is the user’s wallet address.

RichyForest has added a unique origin system. The origin is a community independent from the platform and an independent market line. It is the origin of wealth forest, just like a seed of primitive wealth in the forest. When energy is obtained, RichyForest is generated. When all networks are spread all over the world, RichyForest will become the leader of DeFi industry.

The creation of the original wealth seeds requires 50 Ethereum, which will be opened within the first 15 days after the launch. A total of 19 original will be opened, and applications for the original wealth seeds will be closed thereafter.

This brand-new decentralized financial product is a huge challenge to the entire existing financial market. In French, “Defi” means “challenge”. There must be challenges to overcome, but this is just like when all great technologies like electricity, the Internet, social networks and e-commerce emerged.

Users can learn enough magic spells in the blockchain and encrypted currency world to open the next door to wealth.

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