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Award-Winning Indie Director Tackles Islamic Terrorism in New Thought-Provoking Film

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Award-Winning Indie Director Tackles Islamic Terrorism in New Thought-Provoking Film

November 11
22:01 2019
A timely film about the roots of terror and the price of revenge, “Afreen” is currently the recipient of more than 43 nominations and awards from all over the world—and still counting

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Never one to shy away from controversial issues, Indie director Aashish Chanana’s latest film, Afreen, is certainly no different. The awardwinning movie delves into Islamic terrorism and religious radicalization following the 2014 deadly shootings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

There, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a radicalized Canadian Muslim, walked into the building with a machine gun and began shooting people. One person, a Canadian soldier was fatally shot. That incident sets the premise of Chanana’s new dramatic film.

“As a director and a story-teller, the question I have addressed is – ‘Should the challenges and perils of international terrorism be left solely in the hands of politicians?’ ‘Should we, the filmmakers and artists of the world, sit aside in our enclaves and watch it all burn?’” stated Chanana.

For the award-winning director, the answer is an astounding “no.” Based on true events, his latest film tells the story of a traumatized Iraq War refugee who joins an Ontario-based terror cell to carry out personal revenge on the West, but eventually finds herself torn with her ultimate decision.

“Afreen is an unexpected anti-heroine who boldly confronts the questions posed above as well as addresses the strange role of women in Islam in a vivid and controversial manner that no major film studio would have dared attempt,” explained Chanana.

Afreen was filmed throughout Ontario. Chanana not only wrote and directed the film, but he also color graded and supervised the visual effects. According to the talented filmmaker,
because Afreen focuses on ‘real people ‘and ‘real incidents’ it was critical to get the right look and feel for both with the casting as well as the locations.

“The typical American film focuses squarely on the energetic violence, with little extra nuance. The typical ‘global festival film,’ if you will, tends to focus on human angst, with little visceral impact,” stated Chanana.

Afreen continues to be shown at festivals around the world. Chanana says his production company, Media Factory Inc., is also currently working on securing distribution of the film in order to reach everyone, everywhere.

“With this film, I want to touch people’s hearts. If I am able to save one life, I would consider that my biggest award,” added Chanana.

As for what’s next for the thought-provoking filmmaker, he’s currently gearing up for his next bold film simply titled Emily. This film will tell the captivating story of a human trafficking victim from a highly entertaining and engaging angle. Filming will begin in March 2020 in New York.

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A talented film producer, director and ace animator, Chanana currently runs a 60-member animation team and a VFX studio, servicing clients worldwide. His company, Media Factory Inc., works with clients on helping them meet their media production needs along with creating its own captivating feature films. Originally from India, Chanana splits his time between Los Angeles, California and Vancouver, Canada.

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