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Global Trusted Digital Assets Full Anonymous Public Chain

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Global Trusted Digital Assets Full Anonymous Public Chain

November 11
22:11 2019

Project brief introduction

ANBT,Full name Alpha Number,Public chain initiated and operated by alpha number Inc in 2019, Using blockchain technology to build a real and secure digital asset matching transaction terminal platform, and for the first time in the industry to launch the detection function of junk currency and value currency, aiming to reshape the global cryptocurrency value system.

Project highlights

As an anonymous public chain based on dpos consensus algorithm, anbt will be introduced into the real world credit system to provide better operation and support for the anonymous blockchain network. It is a global payment blockchain solution. It is a completely decentralized private digital currency for payment networks。

Application scenario

The research and development team of anbt has made some progress in technology and application landing, including the successful completion of the internal version of anbt test, community application 1.0 system test, and the test of guessing value applications; it has been opened and used, including credit card payment, Sinopec oil card consumption, phone charge, living water and electricity cost, purchase of air tickets and train tickets, hotel consumption, etc The opening of business applications; the upgrading of one key transaction functional applications and game applications, and the subsequent opening of more scenario applications, creating an ecosystem based on the full circulation of anbt, enabling the real economy and assisting the implementation of blockchain projects.

Team Introduction


Alpha number is a developer friendly basic chain with millions of traffic. Alpha number has the performance advantage of the underlying architecture based on dpos consensus mechanism. The introduction of anbt public chain largely represents a new economic order of the digital world. With the application being connected to all walks of life, it is believed that anbt will have more and more creative iterations in the future.


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