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The driver of the unmanned public chain – Odyssey, carrying all mankind, heading for the stars of the sea

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The driver of the unmanned public chain – Odyssey, carrying all mankind, heading for the stars of the sea

November 11
23:50 2019

In the ancient Greek mythology “Homer’s Epic”, there is a story in which the Greek hero Odysseus won in the Trojan War and then returned to Ithaca by the unmanned Achestra.

This is the first time in human history that the concept of driverlessness has emerged. Thousands of years later, in the 21st century, human beings entered the information age. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence giants such as Google and Microsoft, the unmanned technology has gradually emerged. In some test roads in the United States, China and other countries, it is possible to continuously see unmanned vehicles.

But behind a revolutionary technology, it is bound to spawn a series of problems that need to be solved. Just as the birth of the car brought about the shortage of oil, the birth of the Internet has also made people feel more home-based, unmanned technology, because it has extremely high requirements for low latency, strong transmission, high security, etc., network transmission problems, data all along. Security and other issues have not been resolved.

1. Until the arrival of blockchain technology and 5G technology.

Blockchain, a revolutionary technology that integrates distributed ledgers, smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and many other technologies, 5G, a disruptive technology that solves problems such as low throughput, high latency, and high power consumption. The former focuses on In the general economy, the aim is to change the way human assistance is done and to improve the production relationship. The latter is an important means of production and greatly enhances productivity. The mutual integration and promotion of the two are empowering various commercial fields. 5G blockchain + Internet of Things, 5G blockchain + AI, 5G blockchain + VR, etc., behind each combination, is a new subversion, and a number of new leading organizations are born.

The Odyssey is such a presence – the pioneer and leader of the driverless +5G blockchain.

Odyssey is the world’s first vertical public chain in the field of unmanned driving. The purpose is to use the distributed account book, intelligent contract, and consensus mechanism of the blockchain to combine the high throughput, low latency and low power consumption of 5G. Big data is massive, diverse, high-speed, variability, etc. The purpose is to solve the problems of safe computing, data privacy leakage and high cost of Internet of Things applications after the arrival of the unmanned era. Provide all-round security for unmanned driving, traceability, privacy protection, and create a new digital economy with unmanned + blockchain + 5G + big data. Achieving a great vision of “both cars can be connected and links can be linked”.

2. Odyssey has such a great vision because it has the support of a strong team.

The Odyssey team members are from the world’s leading companies such as IBM and JPMorgan Chase. They have rich financial experience and have been deeply involved in the blockchain field for many years. They are familiar with various encryption algorithms and have profound research on the principles and codes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The team’s comprehensive technical strength is strong.

Because of this, Odyssey has four core technologies that stand out.

3. Super node

In addition to performing smart contracts and exporting, Osset SuperNode also provides storage services for massive data of the entire network. As the primary node of the IPFS-like distributed storage network, it ensures efficient, reliable and reliable blockchain network services. In addition, the super node also has a device module, which can access the intelligent terminal device and adapt to various terminal access modes such as video and network. In the consensus mechanism, the super node uses the PBFT-DPoS consensus mechanism to generate and store key data for the block.

3.1 Edge nodes

As an essential complement to the super node, the edge node mechanism can sink the intensive computing service to the edge node, which helps to reduce the response delay and bandwidth cost. On the other hand, it can solve the IoT application in some high response requirements. The overall inefficiency of the cloud response.

3.2 Side chain technology

The use of sidechain technology can maximize the flexibility of the Odyssey (ODYSSEY) platform, promote the landing of more commercial applications, and solve the problems of low throughput and transaction congestion of the existing public chain platform.

3.3 Cross-chain interaction

Odyssey’s technical architecture is in the form of a main chain and a side chain. The main chain is responsible for the recording and verification of core data, as well as chain management, while the side chain can interface with different industry applications to meet the real economy. demand.

3.4 Privacy protection

Odyssey (ODYSSEY) uses symmetric encryption algorithms to protect access to merchant information, commodity information, and information related to trade secrets. At the same time, non-encrypted symmetric protection is used for very core secrets to ensure that the information is only visible to the user. Finally, Odyssey (Odyssey) will manage the book data and business data in isolation to ensure the security and privacy of business data. For the user’s information, Odyssey (ODYSSEY) will also introduce zero-knowledge proof of such an anonymous algorithm, so that all users’ information is not affected at will.

Odyssey uses these core technologies, based on the development of graphene technology, combined with the DPOS consensus mechanism, the division achieves 3,300 transactions per second, which can be used for Odyssey in the fields of driverless, edge computing, wireless products, and car networking. Provide unlimited possibilities.

It is worth noting that the design of the Odyssey in the economic model of the pass is also remarkable.

Odyssey (ODYSSEY) has a total issued amount of 180 million, and will never be issued, including 30% of circulation, 20% of technical team, 10% of operation team, 20% of fund team, and 20% of mining team. At the same time, 40% of the Odyssey cloud mining and mining fee is destroyed and destroyed to the remaining 50 million. Odyssey follows the blockchain fundamentalism spirit and is committed to building an ecological platform for multi-party construction, such as a team, a foundation, and a community. Each holder of the ODYSSEY certificate is a participant, a contributor, and a beneficiary. There is no center, but everyone is the center. In the Odyssey ecosystem, the great vision of “everyone is for me, I am for everyone” is realized.

4. The Odyssey is worthy of the new generation of unmanned value public chains.

As the famous prophet Kevin Kelly said, the future has come. Today, driverless, 5G and blockchain are overwhelming.

The trend of the world is the shunner, Odyssey, ODYSSEY, is in line with the trend of the times, standing in the blockchain and unmanned, 5G era, relying on a strong team, solid technology, combined with rich Landing application scenarios will surely become the king of the unmanned field in the future.

So, go back to the allusion at the beginning of the article, do you understand?

Perhaps this is the heart of the Odyssey team, once again open the boat of Aches, using ODYSSEY’s driverless technology to achieve the victory far away, but this time, the helm is all the participants of the Odyssey, equipped, is full Humanity.

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