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Phish Protection is providing advanced anti-phishing solutions at competitive prices

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Phish Protection is providing advanced anti-phishing solutions at competitive prices

November 11
21:10 2019
Phish Protection is providing advanced anti-phishing solutions at competitive prices

Phish Protection is a rapidly growing company that offers advanced phishing protection and anti-phishing solution for small businesses. It is a cloud-based, integrated, email protection suite that stops phishing, malware, spam and spoofing without installing expensive anti-phishing tools. Their services allow the clients to protect their entire company in 10 minutes, without having to spend a fortune. They work by preventing the employees from accessing phishing sites even if they click on malicious links in their emails.

“Our users rely on emails when they in the field. The link click protection feature protects all of our devices from phishing and malicious URLs. I get device-agnostic protection, even on mobile.” – John Godwin, North Star Medical Services.

Phishing attacks can cause real damage to a company by breaching their privacy and stealing their sensitive data. Even clicking on a random link in email or entering credentials on a suspicious Pop up page could lead to a serious Phishing attack which is why it becomes important for the company to address this issue beforehand.  Phish Protection provides complete phishing protection against all kinds of phishing attacks such as spear phishing, impersonation, CEO fraud, ransomware, and sophisticated email attacks using its advanced threat defense mechanism that integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and most on-premise or cloud-hosted email solutions.

Phish protection offers different types of products to meet the requirements of different customers. In general, these products work by eliminating false positives for emails misclassified as spam, blocking emails with suspicious attachments, protecting against time-delayed phishing techniques in real-time, domain name spoofing, and display name spoofing. Furthermore, the user can control the Phishing software through a single unified web-based console and view their activity logs and email queues in real-time. “We have been very happy with the service. We have about 90 e-mail accounts being protected and it has stopped multiple bad links from being opened. It works great.”- Jacob Winder, VTM Group.

Phish Protection offers an essential security upgrade to Office 365, considering that their native security in hosted solutions is not very effective. It provides adequate protection against zero-day vulnerabilities and provides solid fraud watch. Phish Protection can provide Phishing protection on all devices including Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux and Android, without the need for any hardware, plug-ins or additional software. In fact, Phish Protection can protect Office 365, G Suite, Exchange Server, Linux, and Windows-based on-premise mail servers and computers. It just requires a simple update to the DNS records which takes less than 10 minutes to defend all the users from a variety of Phishing attacks, scams, and identity threats.

Phish Protection works on both on-premise and hosted e-mail systems.

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