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WENI constructs the blockchain ecosystem and accelerates the exploration of new value of the token economy

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WENI constructs the blockchain ecosystem and accelerates the exploration of new value of the token economy

November 12
19:06 2019

The key path of blockchain commercial landing is to build a tokenomics, with the token as the core, through the incentive mechanism, to establish a communication bridge between investors, exchanges, blockchain applications and users to solve the isolation of pains – value creation and price discovery. So that to construct a ecosystem.

The new application of the token economy is the core of each token economy, which can be realized not only through blockchain project, but also through blockchain technology to enable the traditional Internet to realize the fusion of information and value, and form thetrading closed loop of token. WENI plays an important role in it, using blockchain technology and economic models to create a WENI-based industrial ecosystem through new applications. At present, WEN business ecosystem includes: WENI Mall, Weni Quantification Analysis System, COINOPTS (COINOPTS exchange), WENI coolwallet, WENI UnionPay card, WEPay, WEpay payment gateway system.

WENi mall – New blockchain ecommerce platform

WENI Mall combines the main theme of the new era, combined with blockchain technology, breaks the traditional retail model, builds the the digital currency shopping platform of e-commerce network, link platform, merchant, consumer and blockchain industry based on WEN ecology, and advocates the new concept of painless consumption, creates a new era of e-commerce offline merchants with a new “decentralized” consumer data trading system.

WENI Quantification Analysis System, discover opportunities for wealth creation

WENI Quantification Analysis System is based on the round table analysis, and through big data scanning and computer precision analysis, the tens of thousands of varieties in the important market at home and abroad are filtered, avoids the influence of human emotional decision-making, and selects the varieties with trading opportunities and conducts them. Trend analysis, formulate precise investment strategies and recommendations, track market changes in a timely manner, and help users grasp every potential investment opportunity in the trading market such as digital currency.

COINOPTS mirror trade, new digital asset investment model

On October 1, 2019, WENI officially launched the platform currency as the COINOPTS exchange platform. COINOPTS (COINOPTS exchange platform) is the world’s first digital asset trading platform to introduce new technology of “mirror trade”. The use of advanced documentary technology allows investment novices to easily participate in the financial market, real-time copying of investment masters, and a new investment model that automatically follows up on investment. Users can follow the growing number of professional traders on the platform, automatically follow their trading portfolio and replicate their success.

WENI coolwallet – Digital asset repository

WENI coolwallet is a professional tool for storing digital assets. It uses triple encryption, that is, high density chip+ encryption+Bluetooth+algorithm encryption. It is connected by Bluetooth to simplify the link process of hardware wallet and connect mobile phone wallet to protect users. Encrypted assets are protected from potential attacks to protect user assets.

WENI International Prepaid Spending Card – Connecting digital currency with the real world

WENI International Prepaid Spending Card is a debit card issued by WENI foundation in cooperation with banking institutions, which provides one-stop digital asset circulation management service for WEN Ecology. Recharge with digital currency, can be used for shopping, travel, entertainment, WENI online, offline payment and other consumer payment services, real-time exchange rate settlement, high security card-to-card transfer, and manage users’ daily consumption through the website. Check your bills anytime, anywhere.

WEpay payment gateway system – Innovative link multi-payment channels.

WEpay is a cross-chain gateway payment service integrated with the Internet economy developed by WEN Eco. It operates in the WEN ecological business system with the concept of “incorporating blocks into business and making the world encrypted and connected”.

Innovative models require ancillary infrastructure services that need to be adapted. The development of the WEpay payment gateway system is based on the current painful situation of the current economic operation process of the CSI. The creative solution payment system cannot be compatible with both the real and the virtual, providing users with high-quality third-party payment services. Support third-party payment of multi-chain assets. In the form of the certificate economy, investment is mining, starting consumption is mining, sales is mining, and enterprises receive digital assets online and offline.

WENI constructs the blockchain ecosystem and accelerates the development of Industry Innovation

With the gradual maturity of blockchain technology and the further improvement of industrial policy, the future industries covered by block chain technology will continue to increase WENI globalizes the value of blockchain chain ecology, and the new business model enabler, with blockchain technology as The core is to build an integrated industrial ecosystem integrating technology research and development, industrial research, transactional ecological construction, investment and financing analysis, and shopping malls. The blockchain is an important breakthrough for innovation, and the blockchain and industry are deeply integrated to promote economic development. Business value transformation. 

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