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Winner’s Ecological Global consensus Conference – Building Token Financial ecosystem with the Power of Science and Technology and consensus

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Winner’s Ecological Global consensus Conference – Building Token Financial ecosystem with the Power of Science and Technology and consensus

November 12
19:11 2019

On November 1st, Co-organized by World Blockchain Technology And Fintech Foundation (WBTFF), WEN ECO Ecology Application, WENI, Huasheng Alliance, Winner Ecological Mission Group, ChainChat, Classic Finance, WCEEX, Blockchain certification institute ‘s “Trust casts the stage, consensus wins the future” winners’ Eco-Global Consensus Conference was held in Thailand, Phuket.

WEN Ecological consensus Conference held in Phuket, Thailand

This conference focuses on the frontier of block chain technology, development trend, industry application, investment, innovation frontier technology and so on. Block chain enthusiasts, big coffee, blockchain technology developers and industry professionals from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the new engine of blockchain technology development, presenting the development, application and future of each ecology.

Head of the WEN Ecology Mission – Jeffery

Jeffery, head of the WEN Ecology Mission, said in a speech that the blockchain is an important industry of our future. The WEN Ecology Foundation has created a “1366” matrix and used blockchain technology to solve the development problems of SMEs in the current blockchain industry.

Winner Ecology, as a central hub, is committed to building three major value bodies: consensus, circulation and creation. Six dimensions of the industrial chain: quantification, consumption, trading, social, media, security. In addition, strategic alliance relationship, consumer organization, industry organization, alliance organization, education organization, chamber of commerce organization and fund organization are also reached with six major organizations. WEN ecological enabling industry ecology, to build the depth of the blockchain industrial chain.

At the scene of the event, the major projects of WEN ecology carried out project introduction and demonstration, leading the guests to fully understand the ecology of WEN:

IvanVulanovic, technical director of COINOPTS, mentioned in the introduction that the mission of the COINOPTS exchange is to convene professional traders and investors seeking to participate in the activity encryption environment, using the mirror trading function to make it easy for novice to copy the transaction of the master, with stop-loss control to protect the investment from negative assets.

ChainChat always keeps pace with the times and responds to the call of the state. ChainChat provides services for the high-quality development of the blockchain industry, and realizes the effective connection between supply and demand of users in the blockchain industry and transaction platforms. ChainChat co-founder CEO TG Lau said that Chainchat is committed to creating a one-stop blockchain integrated traffic social platform, covering the various segments of the blockchain with innovative thinking.

Weni Quantification Danny Yeong said that retail investors usually face six major problems, lack of investment knowledge and experience, no ability to judge market conditions, no ability to operate transactions, no sufficient financial time, no time to follow up on returns at any time, and too much pursuit of “hot spots. Based on this weni quantification launch, it has four characteristics, discipline, system, timeliness and accuracy. At present, WEN Ecology has access to the weni quantification system, benefiting every node in the WEN ecological cycle.

WENI Mall Mr. Wang Ming said that WENI Mall has built a high-end pain-free consumption environment in the digital economy field, connecting bridges, merchants, consumers and the blockchain world to build a network of e-commerce based on the WEN ecosystem. The new concept of painless consumption has created a new era of trading platform + e-commerce + offline merchants, and will jointly build a safe and honest consumption environment with the global high-end consumer industry and brands. WENI will have a good application scenario and a large value-added space in the future. The stable market liquidity fields such as landing transactions, mining, online and offline consumption will bring a series of ecological application value derivatives to WENI.

Wujie ecology Charlie Chen, chief architect of ecology,delivered a keynote speech at the conference, stating that technology creates the future, reshapes the business economy, and wins the Wujie shopping mall ecology has been steadily advancing on the industry road. The Wujie shopping ecology is located in blockchain ecommerce, which has been ploughed deeply in blockchain industry for many years, and excavates and reshapes the new commercial model in the latest scientific and technological blockchain. It is mainly devoted to the landing of blockchain technology and the creation of new value of commercial economy.

At the WEN Eco Consensus Conference, David Tsai, vice president of global sales for WENI coolwallet, released the new hardware wallet “WENI coolwallet”. WENI coolwallet is a Bluetooth encryption hardware wallet that uses the security chip dedicated by the National Cryptographic Authority and uses the WENI off-line cold storage card + mobile app two-in-one solution to ensure the security of the private key.

Randy LEE, Chairman of the World Blockchain Technology And Fintech Foundation (WBTFF)

Chairman of the World Blockchain Technology And Fintech Foundation (WBTFF) said that “the innovation of science and technology brings infinite possibilities to human beings. After the blockchain has experienced the bubble of market speculation, it is more necessary to return to rationality, return to the origin of technology, and innovate and develop. The WEN Ecological Foundation acts as an industry evangelist. The mission team has a mission of “consensus, sharing, creating, and winning” to build a safe haven for industry users. “Building a financial ecosystem, WEN ecology belongs to the community and belongs to all users who hold “WEN”. The mission of WEN ecology is to create consensus, create value, and create a distribution channel. At present, WEN Ecology has created six financial economies, including transaction finance, consumer finance, internet finance, blockchain finance, incubation finance, and traditional finance. WEN ecology will adhere to the “you-oriented” principle and promote the application of blockchain services to social progress and business development.

This is the best era and a win-win era! WEN ecologically integrates industry resources, shares and builds together, takes globalization as the trend, and aims to serve the entity enterprise, help enterprise innovation, and meet user needs, and constantly adapt to the development of the times. Today’s WEN ecology is the value of the blockchain industry. The consensus has helped fuel the comprehensive competitive strength and embraced the blockchain trend with a strong attitude. In 2019, the official launch of the WEN winner ecology will better solve the problem of real pain points and achieve real value investment.

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