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The Golden Age of China was published on occasion of the 20th anniversary of Economic Daily’s founding

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The Golden Age of China was published on occasion of the 20th anniversary of Economic Daily’s founding

November 13
22:46 2019

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of economic daily, the 20-page golden age of China, with the theme of recording the glorious course of the 10th session of the National People’s Congress and the CPPCC national committee, brings together the historical, cultural, social and economic development of various regions in China. Text on economic journal format four color printing, illustrated, a total of nearly 160000 words, 300 characters, scenery, such as gold version of the image, the fine paper area, handed down from ancient times’s and the deluxe edition respectively reached 1.6 square centimeters and 3.9 square centimeters, gold paper consumption and layout of unprecedented, and has won the Shanghai great world guinness, the scale on the gold version of print.  

The golden age of China is divided into six parts: the first part has two pages, which comprehensively reports the general situation of the recently held tenth National People’s Congress and the tenth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the newly elected national leaders. The second part, covering six pages, gives a comprehensive introduction to the history, culture and economy of 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions among the 35 delegations to the tenth National People’s Congress. The third part consists of two pages, covering the general situation of the 34 sectors of the tenth committee of the CPPCC and the list of its members. The fourth part has five pages, recording the tenth National People’s Congress deputies, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) members participate in political affairs, discussion and discussion of the state.

The gold paper used in “the golden age of China” is a new generation of products developed. It uses 24K gold as the material and uses Nano high-tech to develop gold paper. Its surface is similar to ancient rice paper, and it has extremely high scientific and cultural content. This gold broke through the traditional gold foil paper can only with the aid of transparent material form print, cannot directly the defect of color printing, color image directly printing on gold, both retained the elegant appearance and properties of gold, and with antioxidant, discoloration resistance, moistureproof, moth-proofing features, also avoided the traditional paper easy to mildew and bug eat by moth, especially for the first time for a major breakthrough in the flame-retardant, theoretically can deposit more than ten thousand years. Ren Jiyu, director of the national library of China and a master of traditional Chinese studies, said at the collection ceremony: “The golden age of China is a perfect crystallization of modern high technology and national culture and art.” 

The publication of the golden edition of the book was strongly supported by the People’s Bank of China and the general administration of post. The head office that Chinese seal note makes money, Shanghai mint refined 3 diameter to be 50 millimeter pure gold insets silver commemorative curiosity for its, one is comrade deng xiaoping writes “economic daily” headpiece, the other 2 are Chinese sculpture society President cheng yunxian is created yan huang 2 di gold is like. The general office of China philately distributed 20 gold plates, the front page of the first issue of the economic daily in 20 years, pictures of comrade deng xiaoping reading the economic daily and the stamp mini-plates of “one heart knot” and “ruyi” with comrade jiang zemin’s inion.

The golden newspaper of the golden age of China has been collected by the great hall of the people, the national museum, the national library, UNESCO and the huangdi mausoleum foundation.

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