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Kolabtree Study Reveals: 28.4% of UK Public Are Unsure Whether Vaccines Cause Autism

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Kolabtree Study Reveals: 28.4% of UK Public Are Unsure Whether Vaccines Cause Autism

November 14
00:45 2019

Leading freelancing platform for scientists and medical professionals Kolabtree has carried out a study to explore the UK public’s attitude on whether vaccines cause autism.

The relationship between autism and vaccines has been extensively researched over the years, with all reputable studies finding no causal link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Regardless, people continue to debate the topic and vaccine uptake continues to drop. In fact, recently, the UK has lost its measles-free status, prompting huge concern in the medical community.

“Vaccines causing autism is a perfect example of how dangerous and misleading medical information can spread despite having no scientific foundation. At Kolabtree, we’re passionate about the accuracy of medical information online. With this study, we wanted to look at how swayed people were on this matter and whether online content, be it on websites or on social media, influenced their opinion.” – Jonathan Hedger, Marketing Director

Among other questions, the survey asked:

1. Do You Believe Vaccines Cause Autism?
2. Do You Believe the Dangers of Vaccinations Outweigh the Benefits?
3. Facebook, Google, Amazon and Other Companies Have Pledged to Reduce the Visibility of Anti-Vaccine Information. Do You See Less Anti-Vaccine Content Online Now?

What Did the Study Reveal about the UK Public’s Attitude Regarding Vaccines and Autism?

Among other findings, the study revealed:

• 65.2% of people do not believe that vaccines cause autism
• 28.4% of people are unsure what they believe with regards to vaccines causing autism
• Those aged 35-44 are the group most likely to believe that vaccines cause autism
• More men (20.6%) than women (12.4%) believe that the dangers of vaccinations outweigh the benefits offered

Read More about the Report’s Findings

To see the results of the survey, visit the URL below:

About Kolabtree

Founded in 2015, Kolabtree is a widely respected platform that helps organisations hire qualified freelance researchers and scientists. Companies from across the globe hire Kolabtree freelancers to develop new products, conduct research and write medical content. Kolabtree aims to make scientific expertise easily accessible and affordable to everyone.

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