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Jade axe, the symbol of red mountain culture, was discovered recently

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Jade axe, the symbol of red mountain culture, was discovered recently

November 14
18:06 2019

The Jade axe is the only axe made of jade discovered so far, which is a rare treasure. It is 4cm wide, 7.5cm high and 93.4g in weight. It is shaped like a sunflower seed. One side of the jade axe has two grooves for binding wooden handles or other functions. It is a weapon used by the ancients for hunting and war 5,000 years ago. And it is the oldest jade axe that people discovered so far. It is practical, exquisite moist, good penetrability. Period of Hongshan culture jade is pretty good, and Liaoning old jade is extremely rare. With a long history, the jade axe’s special uses and artificially preserved intact, has the very high historical value and economic value. 

This jade axe is in line with the product of the red culture. The red mountain culture originated from the central and southern part of Inner Mongolia to the northeast and western part of China. It started five or six thousand years ago and is one of the earliest cultural traces of Chinese civilization. It is distributed in the Rehe region in the western part of northeast China, starting from the central and southern part of Inner Mongolia in the north, reaching the northern part of Hebei in the south, reaching the western part of Liaoning in the east, and the upper reaches of Xilamulun river, Laolha river and Daling river in the Liaohe river basin.

The social form of Hongshan culture was in the heyday of matriarchal society at the early stage, and the main social structure was the tribal group linked by female blood groups, and gradually changed to paternal clan at the late stage. Economic form is given priority to with agriculture, concurrently with herd, fish, hunt coexist. Its remains are characterized by the coexistence of colorful pottery and zigzag pottery and the neolithic culture of fine stone.

This jade axe accordingly treasure knows who are traditionally handed down, their ancestors was visible on the outskirts of the tribe also has a pivotal position in the stone, a variety of tools are in the stone is given priority to, also as a kind of power as long as the tribal chiefs have jade axes in comparison with other period, this is the most special of the material for the quality of the jade axe (symbol of power and rule), and as the new Stone Age of practical content, the jade is exquisite, jade, the jade axe of impurities, high light transmittance is good!

Such material in the same period of the axe and even jade are very rare, is so far found the age of relatively long, peculiar shape jade axe! According to the data, many stone axes have been unearthed, but there is no axe made of jade. There is no axe made of jade in the museum in the history of auction. This is the only axe made of jade found so far, which is a rare treasure.

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