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Creative Biolabs – A Conscientious Problem Solver in Customized NHP Antibody Humanization

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Creative Biolabs – A Conscientious Problem Solver in Customized NHP Antibody Humanization

November 14
19:21 2019
Creative Biolabs owns years of experience in the field of antibody humanization and is offering NHP antibody humanization to the global clients that are working on their mAb research projects or medicine manufacturing processes.

New York, USA – Antibody humanization has crucial meaning in aspects of cutting down the immunogenicity of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that come from xenogeneic sources like rodent, and activating the human immune system. Creative Biolabs has figured out the solutions to the problems brought about by the possible immunogenic reactions caused by the humanized mouse antibody, by dealing with antibodies from non-human primates (NHPs) rather than conventional antibody sources through the advanced technologies based upon the universal High-Affi™ platform.

The humanization of NHP antibodies can be taken as by now the most optimal way to get high affinity human antibodies without violating ethical issues for the reason that monkeys (or non human primates) share the closest relationship with human, and they are hopefully to generate therapeutic antibodies with the best effect.

There are antibody 3D frameworks inbuilt in the universal platform from two crucial monkeys for reference to identify any changes without altering the original antibody structure. And The whole workflow is systematic ensuring high-standard yield.

Methods applied for NHP antibody humanization:

CDR Grafting & SDR Grafting-a method characterized by randomization of part of framework residues by phage display technology and computer modeling.

Chain Shuffling-an absolute strategy for selective humanization based on construction and screening of 2 chimeric phage display libraries, which enables 100% humanization of a mouse antibody.

Humanized IgG Library Screening-an approach that can select humanized antibodies in a full-size IgG format, which conserves and improves the original affinity of the mouse antibody.

Apart from the high affinity human monoclonal antibodies derived from non-human primates (NHPs), other mAbs can also be processed with the help of High-Affi™, including the Bovine Ultralong CDR3s Antibodies and Humanized Single Domain Antibodies.

Human mAbs are gaining increasing attention because of its outstanding therapeutic effects on cancer, and more and more medicine manufacturers are applying them to the new drugs. The breakthrough of Creative Biolabs in humanized monkey antibody solves the problems which most of the researchers are facing-it is impossible to obtain high-affinity mAbs from human B cells and the humanized antibodies from animals like murine have very low affinity.

About the Company

Creative Biolabs, a whole-heat antibody humanization service provider, is specialized in humanizing monoclonal antibodies that come from a wide range of species including mouse, rat, dog and non-human primates. With years of dedicated exploration in humanization and monoclonal antibody researches, the scientists are professional to provide highly specific and affinity improved human monoclonal antibodies, especially from NHPs.

If more information about the NHP humanization service or the High-Affi™ platform is recalled, please contact or visit the official website

Media Contact
Company Name: Creative Biolabs
Contact Person: Candy Swift
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1-631-619-7922
Country: United States

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