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Robot Studio: ADAPP pet assistant game plan to release its private beta in December

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Robot Studio: ADAPP pet assistant game plan to release its private beta in December

November 14
19:56 2019

Under the leadership of CEO Murad, the robot studio will soon launch an artificial intelligence game that has been built for several years.  The development of low-level big data analysis engines such as artificial intelligence image recognition, voice recognition, face recognition, text recognition, depth learning, machine learning, natural language has been gradually improved. In 2017, the project team of ADAPP was established, which took 2 years to develop. The pet assistant APP integrating game + AI + Finance + social + e-commerce will be officially launched in February 2020.

In December 2019, the beta version of ADAPP will be launched, focusing on the Chinese market, which has the most perfect interconnection system in the world, and it will be promoted to the U.S. market at the same time. 

At present, ADAPP has invited representatives from american and asian countries to participate in the experience of the private beta version. Its main functions include: AI chat system, pet game system, blockchain advertising system, AR game, commercial application of game, AR scan, AI translation, etc.

In the future, the project team of the robot studio’s artificial intelligence ADAPP will focus on building the artificial intelligence pet game APP, which will bring flow through the artificial intelligence game, so as to drive the development of social e-commerce. At the same time, through the advertising learning machine, the user can earn money by watching short video ads. It integrate the money into the artificial intelligence game, and bring infinite imagination space. The birth of ADAPP may have great significance to the development of artificial intelligence. 

Mascot – XADAPPiaoding 


Source of ADAPP: The cartoon image comes from the image of Doraemon in Japanese cartoon Dora a dream.

Everyone has a dream. Everyone has the Doraemon’s dream and Doraemon make the dream come true;

ADAPP has an intelligent treasure box, which is full of high-tech, intelligence and information data energy, which can make it well integrated into the Earth. ADAPP can help you build a bridge to a better world.

ADAPP’s vision:

ADAPP, a user assistant, strives to learn knowledge, fully tap the power of her own wisdom, and grows from an information carrier to an intelligent judge who can freely collect and reasonably process information.

It endows users with the optimal solution, strives to build the Internet smart game + finance + business + entertainment ecosystem, shoulders the responsibility of human welfare, and contributes to the improvement of efficiency.

All of this comes from the current development of social Internet, the traffic entrance created in the era of artificial intelligence, which brings new traffic changes to businesses and helps enterprises transform and upgrade.

The value of ADAPP:

In today’s fast changing world, facing the opportunities and challenges of big data, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

After 9 years of careful preparation and creation, robot studio has built the bottom engine of internet intelligent big data ecosystem.

It is certain that with the birth of ADAPP, enterprises can better comply with the call of consumption upgrading in the Internet era through artificial intelligence, and provide more merchants with the most intimate and high-quality services in the flow exploration of intelligent technology game.

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