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EVA Home Services Explain The Importance Of Fixing Leaks – Plumber Bethlehem PA

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EVA Home Services Explain The Importance Of Fixing Leaks – Plumber Bethlehem PA

November 15
03:40 2019
EVA Home Services, LLC has launched a campaign to inform people about the reasons why they should have a leak fixed at the earliest moment.

A leading Lehigh Valley Plumbing company that has been serving its community for over 30 years has launched a campaign to help people understand the importance of having a leak fixed by a professional plumber. EVA Home Services, LLC who provide an emergency plumbing service in Bethlehem PA has warned that delaying having a leak fixed could become a serious and expensive problem.

The Bethlehem PA Plumber has listed several problems that can be caused if a leak is not repaired straight away.

Corrosion Sets In

EVA Home Services, LLC has said if a leak is not fixed at the earliest possible moment then corrosion could set in. Water from the leak can run down the pipe which could result in that pipe being corroded and needing to be replaced.

Damage To Walls And Floors

A leak may start as a small problem, but that problem could multiply into a more serious problem. If a leak is allowed to escalate it could cause damage to the walls and the brickwork of the property. It can also cause serious damage to the floor. These problems could result in a professional builder being employed to deal with the damage, an expense that could have been avoided if the leak was dealt with straight away.

A Leak Can Cause Damage To The Ceiling

If a leak is coming from the upstairs of a property, then it needs somewhere to escape. That escape route is through the ceiling and down the walls. The leak will cause the ceiling to become weaker and leave brown marks. This damage could result in a builder removing the ceiling and replacing it with a new one.

Electrical Problems

Removing old wiring or damaged wiring is very expensive. If a leak affects the wiring of the property, then this would result in those electrics being checked and could result in the property having to be re-wired. This is not just an expensive problem, but it is also a very time-consuming problem.

All the problems that a leak can cause could be averted if the leak was repaired straight away by a professional plumbing company.

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