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The Knife Tribe Teaches You The New Ways on How To Take Care of The Best Bowie Knife

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The Knife Tribe Teaches You The New Ways on How To Take Care of The Best Bowie Knife

November 15
13:56 2019
The Knife Tribe Teaches You The New Ways on How To Take Care of The Best Bowie Knife
Here are the tips and tricks about how you can keep the long shelter life of your survival friend.

November 15, 2019 – When you’re out in the wild and the advancements of technology are far away from your hands, one of the best tools you can rely on is your best bowie knife. Who would neglect the power of a device that can basically aid in the majority of errands while you’re in the faraway outdoors?

Bowie knives can generally be useful for cooking your food, preparing your shelter, making fire, and even saving your life. When mishaps take place, you can basically create some “help” signals through the utilization of this must-have tool. Therefore, it is a must to invest even just a little bit of your time and effort in caring for the welfare of your knife. So how do you do it? Here are the tips and tricks about how you can keep the long shelter life of your survival friend. 

1. Keep It Clean

Nope, you don’t have to penetratingly sanitize your best bowie knife every time you use it. However, it is highly recommended to avoid keeping it dirty for a very long time. When your knife is not cleaned, it is subjected to numerous harmful elements that can lead to discoloration and corrosion. During your cleansing methods, it is a must for you to ensure that your tool is properly sanitized. After cleaning your knife with running water and gentle soap, try to check if there is any dirt that is left on its edges and blade. In addition to this, you should also guarantee that the knife is free from moisture by drying the blade and handle properly. Once you’re sure that it’s arid and moisture-free, you can now return your tool to its sheath. And oh, make sure that your sheath is perfectly dry, too. 

Avoid the utilization of any rough cleaning method in removing the filth and grime off your knife. More than anything else, using abrasive cleaning tools can harm your tool more than sanitizing it. Also, keep in mind to avoid laying your fingers in your knife’s blade surface if your knife happens to be made of stainless steel. This will keep your survival tool from your finger acids which play a large role in the deterioration process of this certain metal.


2. Maintain its façade with light oil

The Knife Tribe highly suggests the utilization of oil in maintaining the quality of your significant tool. You don’t have to use expensive oiling products just to keep your knife sharp. There are some affordable options that you can buy from the hardware stores and firearm supply stores near you. These choices include lubricating oils such as household oil. Refrain from using motor oil, though.

When putting oil in your blade, moderation is a must. Overdoing it might lead more to damage than benefits for your knife. Thus, you should only utilize a small amount of oil to maximize its overall effect. Moreover, you should also keep in mind that oiling the handle of your knife’s handle (especially the rubber sort) can lead to risks of an accident. Greasy handles can minimize your gripping power which can create a higher possibility of slipping or worse, chopping your fingers.

3. Preserve its sharp quality

A knife is typically useless without its sharpness. This statement rings true especially when it comes to those knives that are made mainly for the sake of your survival. The outdoors can easily be pretty tiring so adding an element of an inadequate cutting tool can be really stressful. Instead of aiding you in your basic survival errands, an obtuse knife can present a hazard when it is utilized. It might sound ironic, but yes, a dull knife is more dangerous compared to its sharp counterpart. Using a dull cutting tool lowers your level of maneuverability, thus, risking yourself for unwanted accidents. 

Due to its utmost significance, keeping a knife sharp should be done with the proper knowledge of using the sharpener. Having a handy and compact sharpener on your backpack all the time guarantees that having the best quality of your tool will be accessible even if you are in the middle of nowhere. However, this won’t be enough without knowing about its appropriate utilization. Invest a bit of your time by researching and reading about how you can use the sharpener for maximizing its benefits on your significant cutting tool.

4. Keep it properly stored in a dry area

If you think that keeping your knife in its sheath is wise, think again. Unless you’re out and about in your adventure, putting your knife in a dry storage area is definitely highly recommended. This is especially true when your protective sheath is made out of leather. The leather is well-known for its ability to attract moisture which is undoubtedly bad for keeping the quality of your survival friend. Nevertheless, no matter what type of protective sheath you are using, it is still unwise to keep your knife living there for too long. 

Dedicate a storage space wherein your knife can be properly stored. You should keep in mind that your survival tool’s blade shouldn’t be touching any other sort of your other devices or cutleries. After making sure that it is cleaned and dried properly, cover your knife paper before putting it inside a plastic bag with desiccant. You can also lightly oil your cutting tool before wrapping it to increase the level of its protection against harsh elements.

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Your best bowie knife can be a blessing when it’s well taken care of. With its overall power and several uses, you’ll surely think about investing in a lavish one. However, no matter how much your knife costs in the market, it won’t matter if your cutting tool presents subpar results for your endeavors. To ensure it bears high quality all the time, dedicate some regular time and effort in keeping it pristine. By following all the mentioned tips above, you are bound to maintain the original premium for your best bowie knife in the easiest ways that are possible. Through these, you can guarantee that every adventure that you spend outdoors will be voided of the unnecessary hassles of inadequate devices.

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