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How Terms Of Service, Founder’s Agreement & Employment Contracts Can Help Businesses – Company Vakil

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How Terms Of Service, Founder’s Agreement & Employment Contracts Can Help Businesses – Company Vakil

November 15
15:50 2019
How Terms Of Service, Founder\'s Agreement & Employment Contracts Can Help Businesses - Company Vakil

Online legal documentation in India at your fingertips. Legal documentation has never been this easy. Company Vakil is one of the largest online legal documentation portals in India. Company Vakil deals in a wide verity of legal documents as in founders agreement, employment contract etc. Company Vakil provides error-free online legal documentation in India with the help of legal experts at Company Vakil.
This article deals with how you can get your online legal documentation in India with the help of legal experts at Company Vakil. Company Vakil is one of the largest e-legal legal documentation portals in India. Now get all your legal documentation at your finger-tips in just 3-4 days. Get updates regarding copyright registration in India online from intellectual property law consultants at Company Vakil. Company Vakil provides error-free documentation and a money-back guarantee.

Delhi based start-up Company Vakil provides services related to legal documentation, copyright registration, company registration, GST registration, etc. The start-up works with experts from fields like Law, Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary. Their customer satisfaction oriented policies place them as a top service provider, with reasonable and transparent prices. 

The last few years have seen a boom in the number of companies, start-ups and service providers coming up in the market. What was once a monopoly kind of a market environment, is now changed to a homogenous market, with entrepreneurs choosing to broaden their work areas and influence? The new trend in the market is for companies to have not just one specialized service, rather multiple services. At a time like this, legal documentation is key to a company’s smooth functioning and uninterrupted production rates. For a company, there are three segments that are perhaps the most crucial. The first and the most obvious segment is that of users since these are the ones who will utilize the services provided. The second most important is the founders, with their vision and idea, they are the creators of the companies and the idea that it comes with. The third is the employees. It is a fact that companies cannot function with employees. As and when the demand increases companies tend to hire a large number of employees. 

For these three segments to work seamlessly without any hassle, it is important to have some legal documentation such as Terms of services for users, Founders’ Agreement and lastly, Employment Contracts. 

Terms of service are one of the most important forms of legal documentation that any company or individual providing any services will require. If you’re wondering what terms of service means, then the answer is very simple. When one opens or uses a website, blog, app, etc. sometimes some guidelines are presented to the user. These are not just guidelines, but in some situations form a set of rules that any visitor or user is bound to follow. This is basically an agreement of sort that a user gives his consent to for using certain websites, apps, and blogs. Sometimes these are referred to as Terms and Condition or even Terms of Use.  

A Founders’ Agreement is the first and perhaps one of the most important legal document for any company or start-up. To put it simply, it is an agreement between the founders which outlines and puts forth the relevant aspects of their relationship. When a company is co-founded by two or more people, a founders’ agreement comes at hand, covering important aspects such as ownership, roles, investment by each founder, duties, responsibilities, etc. It allows for clear-cut roles to be assigned to all the co-founders, therefore avoiding any ambiguity or conflict at a later stage. Founders’ Agreements are a key aspect in facilitating the smooth functioning of any organization. These can be used to even avoid situations like founders walking away from the company, stepping back to enjoy the material benefits and avoid working or even giving out trade secrets. Setting clear-cut boundaries and roles, these are extremely useful for maintaining a strong and healthy relationship between the founders of any organization. 

The last segment of a company, and yet one of the important are its employees. For any organization or company to function properly, it needs to have dedicated employees who work with the higher authorities to make the organization stronger. The legal document that governs employees is most commonly referred to as an employment contract. A simple interpretation says that this a contract between an employee and an employer. To start with, it sets the basis for an employer-employee relationship. Like any other contract, it is an offer made by the employer to the employee, having other necessary elements such as consideration in the form of financial or other remuneration and having a lawful object. As with any other contract, contracting parties must be competent to contract and must give consent out of a free will. Employment contracts are binding on both the employer as well as the employee. An employment contract is often preceded by an offer letter or a letter of appointment. In India, employment contracts are required to contain important details such as particulars of the employee, position in the organization, retirement age, working hours and salary due, etc. In a lot of organizations, the employment contracts tend to be oral, rather than written. In fact, many organizations do not have any employment contracts at all and function purely on unspoken understanding and good faith. However, in the current times when the competition is sky high and everybody wants to be the best, it is best to have a written employment contract, so as to avoid conflict and confusion at a later point. 

All of these legal documentation form a crucial part of any organization’s smooth functioning. It is a common practice in the market to look at legal documentation used by other organizations and simply use them with minor modifications to suit their own needs. However, that is rather wrong. These documents are some of the most important parts of any organization’s documentation. Therefore it is important to pay attention to detail and have them tailor-made, as per the needs.  

Company Vakil is the most reliable company for all your needs related to legal documentation. Unlike other such organizations and start-ups, Company Vakil does not follow a fill-in-the-blank format, simply filling in the information in a draft. This can be a very detrimental practice, since it may not always cater to a particular business. At Company Vakil, all legal documentation and contracts are drafted from scratch, so that all the needs and requirements of an organization are fulfilled. 

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Visit Company Vakil, to get all your legal documentation completed within 2-3 working days. Additionally, Company Vakil offers prices that are not just reasonable, but also transparent; no additional costs are added at any later point. Every stage comes with an update and clients are kept up to date with every part of the process. As a mark of their dedication to customer satisfaction, Company Vakil also offers the customers to interact with not just customer representatives for redressal, but even their CEO. If still not satisfied, they even offer a money-back guarantee!  

Work with Company Vakil to fulfill all your needs, at the right time and the right way!

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