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Free trading fees for lifetime – EtherFlyer Whitelist Program

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Free trading fees for lifetime – EtherFlyer Whitelist Program

November 19
21:03 2019

For years, many digital asset exchange platforms charge their traders considerable fees as a source of additional company revenue. This is understandable for any businesses. However, these fees do become a hurdle for most avid traders as these become more of an additional cost for them. Trading fees causes trading dilemma, making traders think twice if they should buy or sell an asset at a specific moment. This prevents traders from fully enjoying their trading activities.

EtherFlyer Digital Asset Exchange, one of the pioneering and longest-standing Ethereum-based sub-currency asset exchange platform today, is excited to announce a new program for all traders that will mend trading dilemma and let traders enjoy buying and selling digital assets with less worries on the trading fees. Introducing the EtherFlyer Whitelist Program.

What is the EtherFlyer Whitelist Program?

The EtherFlyer Whitelist Program is an innovative initiative of the EtherFlyer Digital Asset Exchange management team to free the trading fee for all ERC20 tokens on the EtherFlyer exchange platform. As a company that’s been in the digital asset trading industry for years, EtherFlyer aims to further strengthen its relations with its valued traders with this program. The program aims to increase real trading volume and streamline its trading process by giving its traders an option to enjoy unbounded trading opportunities.

How to enroll in the EtherFlyer Whitelist Program?

EtherFlyer Digital Asset Exchange is a hybrid decentralized trading platform. Valuing the information privacy of its traders is one of the cores of the company. In this regard participating in the EtherFlyer Whitelist Program is very simple. The procedure requires traders to simply send a minimum of $99 worth of ETH (Ethereum’s digital coin) or 99 USDT to EtherFlyer’s official Ethereum wallet address. Once the whitelisting payment is received, the trader’s Ethereum wallet address will then be whitelisted for limitless ERC20 tokens trading exempted from any of EtherFlyer’s prior trading fees. And the best part of all, traders can trade free of the trading fees for a life time.

The Advantage of EtherFlyer Whitelist Program

(1) Convenient. After your registered Ethereum wallet address is whitelisted, all ERC20 tokens trading fees will be exempted FOR LIFE.

(2) Flexible trading. There is no need to calculate the deduction for each trading fees every time that you buy or sell digital assets in the EtherFlyer exchange platform.

(3) Real and high frequency trading. Promote and increase the real trading volume of tokens to provide users with a convenient trading environment.

(4) Exclusive competitions for EtherFlyer Whitelist Program members. If you participate, you will also have the chance to win great prizes from future competitions exclusive only to members of the said program.

When will the EtherFlyer Whitelist Program start?

From the time of this writing, the official public start date of the said program is opened, and traders can now send $99 worth of ETH or 99 USDT to EtherFlyer’s official wallet address in order for their trading fees to be  omitted. Moreover, the EtherFlyer Digital Asset Exchange technical team had already performed undisclosed alpha testing for the technical integration of the program to the EtherFlyer exchange platform. The whole EtherFlyer team is ensuring first that the program will be as flawless as possible. Please click on the link below to go to EtherFlyer’s official website for the detailed steps.

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