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Build the world’s first public payment chain cocox

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Build the world’s first public payment chain cocox

November 21
00:00 2019

Cocox drives payment changeCreate new concept of blockConssensus node is a cross-border payment platform based on blockchain technology. Through smart contracts and lightning network, it provides users with fast, low-cost and convenient payment services in application scenarios such as cross-border transfer, exchange, outbound tourism, studying abroad, shopping with overseas online shopping malls. The advantage of conssensus node is that it solves the problem of structural redundancy of traditional payment scenarios, and has the basis of adjusting economic order and multi-element coupling path tools. The difference between the same industry products such as libraa is that conssensus node already has offline entity application scenarios as the basis, which can help the rapid and stable development of conssensus node ecology.

Consensus node DAPP will first develop online cross-border shopping malls in China, Japan and South Korea, and will expand into a global online shopping platform in the future to further serve the user groups in the cross-border payment market. In the first version of online mall, ordinary users can use cocox to purchase goods through the mall, cross-border merchants can enter the online mall, all transactions will be completed through smart contracts, no longer need a third party, the transaction records will be uploaded to the network, and multiple nodes will witness the transaction together, so that the transaction records can be traced. When there is a dispute in the transaction, users and businesses can propose arbitration on the network, which is judged by randomly matched nodes. The nodes participating in the judgment are regarded as participating in the ecological construction of the consensus node, so they will get cocox as reward.As a whole, cross-border businesses participating in the ecosystem of consensus node have the following advantages:

• Open industry threshold, friendly and convenient

• Efficient utilization and time cost reduction

• Do not tamper with account book, credit business account book, benign market

• High strength financial platform, convenient, efficient, shorten capital turnover cost

• A large number of merchants can join the platform

Communication foundation of the consensus node ecology with low threshold, low cost and high financial attribute is convenient for consensus ecological construction of the consensus node.

Offline exchange

For ordinary users, a convenient, fast payment platform is widely loved. In the expanding user groups of outbound tourism and overseas study, low exchange handling fees and transfer fees, as well as more practical application scenarios, will greatly reduce their cost of life and improve their quality of life.In the future, to better build the ecological environment of the consensus node, in addition to the online shopping mall, it will land the offline exchange store, break the traditional way of exchange, serve users with lower handling fees, and provide fast exchange of multiple currencies around the world. The service targets are mainly consumer groups in the overseas study market and outbound tourism market, which are also ignored by other cross-border payment industries.  

Cocox offline exchange

In depth cooperation with large international airports, the consensus node offline exchange will be opened in:

• Incheon International Airport

• Busan International Airport

• Jeju International Airport

• Tokyo International Airport,

• JapanNarita International Airport,

• Japan Central Japan International Airport

• Osaka International Airport

In Japan and large shopping malls and commercial streets in China, Japan and South Korea

Coco ATM exchange ATM

In the offline application scenario, in addition to the exchange offices that need manual services, more than 500 coco ATM exchange ATMs will be first laid in China, Japan and South Korea.Coco ATM is manufactured by Canada and local coin ATM, the manufacturer of withdrawal mechanism. The coco ATM exchange cash machine will be different from the bitcoin cash machine and Ethereum cash machine that have already appeared. Instead, AI face recognition technology is added to realize card free withdrawal, card free exchange and face swiping payment. Users can authenticate their identity through AI face recognition system on ATM, and then use local legal currency to buy cocox, or convert the cocox they hold into local legal currency.With the continuous upgrading of blockchain technology, blockchain will profoundly change the face and operation mechanism of the world, bring more mutual trust, freedom, order and justice to people, and make people’s life and work more reliable, safe and convenient. The arrival of cocox will push the blockchain industry to a new level.

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