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Following the trend, GCA global digital asset management group leads the new wave in the era of digital economy

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Following the trend, GCA global digital asset management group leads the new wave in the era of digital economy

November 21
00:15 2019

The emergence of blockchain technology has changed the traditional relationship of social productivity. An era of cryptographic digital assets based on blockchain technology was born.According to the statistics, there are more than 3,000 kinds of cryptographic digital currency in the world, with a total market value of more than 250 billion us dollars, tens of millions of users and over 20,000 exchanges serving the trading link.The number of organizations that specialize in helping users manage their digital assets is few and far between, and is fraught with unpredictable risks. 

The rigid demand of the user is the biggest market. According to the optimistic prediction of the prospect of digital assets,GCA global digital asset management group follows the trend of digital economy and launches global digital asset management services to draw the blueprint of digital economy ecology.

1. “Work with certificate”, GCA has the global digital asset management operation qualification

Asset management has always been an industry with high degree of specialization and close attention from relevant financial management departments.Having a license granted by the government means that the risk management, capital disclosure and the quality of employees of the asset manager are all recognized by the government. GCA itself has three financial and asset management-related licenses, namely Australia’s DCE blockchain digital asset management license, the US MSB (money services business) operating license and the Cayman islands fund license.

GCA may be the only digital asset manager in the world with different financial licenses in multiple countries, according to public records. Under multiple licenses, GCA can provide a variety of digital asset appreciation services such as asset chain, digital asset management and digital asset circulation worldwide.

Because of the recognition of many mainstream countries, GCA asset management is the top security and professionalism in the industry, worthy of trust from users.

2. Asset appreciation, GCA has a professional digital asset appreciation management team

Digital assets are also a form of expression of assets. The biggest expectation of users to manage digital assets is to maximize the return of assets on the premise of ensuring the safety of assets, which puts forward high requirements on the risk control ability and profitability of GCA asset management team.

In value of assets, the GCA has the top of the world’s arbitrage team, and in a number of head of digital assets exchange such as MXC fire COINS have a professional team responsible for real-time professional fencing with exclusive arbitrage model, let the GCA ensure that users digital assets security conditions, also can ensure the annual between 5% and 20% of profits, users benefit maximization. 

3. Build an ecological system based on GCA common chain and the underlying technology

Asset management is the core business module of GCA, so building a block chain ecology based on GCA public chain is the future prospect of GCA.

Public chain is the most comprehensive manifestation of blockchain technology. Only by mastering their own public chain can they not be constrained by others in technology. 

If each public chain is compared to an independent country, the ecological prosperity of the public chain represents the economic development level of the country and directly determines the actual value of the country.

GCA public chain takes ecological construction as its core priority. Ecology covers the fields of convenient payment with the most extensive scenarios, encrypted social applications with the strongest user stickfulness and DAPP games with the largest user base. The perfection of ecology makes GCA a “country” with self-economic cycle, and GCA Token is the “legal tender” of this country, and all value circulation is realized through Token.

According to statistics, the global digital asset scale in the future will exceed $700 trillion. As the pioneer of digital asset management, GCA is confident to be the Wall Street of digital asset field and become the center of global digital asset.

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