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NCIB is promoted to vaccine institutions around the world

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NCIB is promoted to vaccine institutions around the world

June 03
07:00 2021

It is reported that the New Coronavirus Internet of Things Blockchain (NCIB) Foundation and Beijing Sinovac Zhongwei Biological Co., Ltd. have previously reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides conducted clinical trials on the application of NCIB. After long-term practice in recent months, the two sides have achieved deep cooperation. The NCIB Joint Fund said that this cooperation has proved the important role of NCIB in vaccine field, and will negotiate cooperation with more large vaccine institutions around the world.

Beijing Sinovac Zhongwei Biological Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in vaccine production in China, with an annual production capacity of 2 billion doses of vaccines. At present, it has supplied 600 million doses of new coronavirus vaccines worldwide.

Meng Weining, deputy general manager of Sinovac Zhongwei Biological Co., Ltd., said that the new coronavirus Internet of Things blockchain (NCIB) makes full use of the technical characteristics of distributed accounting, openness, transparency, immutability and traceability of the blockchain, and comprehensively refines the overall monitoring of the vaccine supply chain. It realizes the traceability of vaccine from raw material production, sales, cold chain storage and transportation to vaccination. Moreover, NCIB realizes the issue of vaccine passports to vaccinators through the technology of blockchain+Internet of Things. With the successful development and gradual popularization of a series of COVID-19 vaccines in different countries, more and more countries and organizations began to explore the implementation of “vaccine passport”, which is an internationally recognized electronic COVID-19 vaccination certificate. The first thing that blockchain can solve is information credibility. The basic information covered by the vaccine passport, including but not limited to vaccine types, vaccination time, and responsible institutions, can be uploaded to the blockchain platform and stored. The data in the blockchain has accurate time stamps and cannot be tampered with. The watchdog or other stakeholders can clearly see it by scanning QR code. Compared with traditional paper documents or QR codes, QR codes based on blockchain are more difficult to fake. It is unlikely that the data will be artificially modified, which can increase the fraud cost to infinity and minimize the mutual trust cost of all parties. When connecting different data systems and protocols with different policy requirements, blockchain can become a trust umbrella, avoiding the embarrassment of imitating “Health Code”, reducing the possibility of accidents in most cases, and greatly reducing the difficulty of investigation when accidents happen.

NCIB technology has changed the problems of vaccine safety, cold chain storage and accountability in the traditional medical system vaccine field, and made outstanding contributions to global vaccine production and vaccination. NCIB will also make a revolutionary contribution to the global fight against new coronaviruses.

With the promotion of NCIB to vaccine institutions around the world, NCIB has entered a new chapter. The fund co-founded by NCIB is actively seeking to list on more cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, and has received invitations from many exchanges including the top ten international exchanges, which proves that NCIB blockchain technology will have a broader prospect in the future. In addition, the NCIB Foundation indicated that it will launch the A-round financing plan on June 15th, and the total amount of financing will account for 27% of the total issuance.

At present, like BTC and ETH, NCIB blockchain technology is developing rapidly. According to the analysis and comments made by Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Standard Chartered Bank, CoinNess, Japan SBI Holdings and other world-renowned institutions on NCIB technology, the security and flexibility of NCIB will reach an unprecedented level. According to comprehensive analysis, NCIB technology has been steadily rising since its listing. The current price is about $1.5, and the future price of NCIB is about $30, which is a normal valuation.

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