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Derrick Soh, a 33-Year-Old Financial Wealth Manager from Singapore Cracks the Code to Double-Digit Investment Gains, Year After Year

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Derrick Soh, a 33-Year-Old Financial Wealth Manager from Singapore Cracks the Code to Double-Digit Investment Gains, Year After Year

June 08
19:02 2021

Singapore – June 8, 2021 – After working in the financial industry for nine years, Derrick Soh says that he has finally cracked the code to consistent investment gains.

Derrick Soh receiving his Million Dollar Round Table Award on Stage

At the time, in 2012, he was leaving his job at the Singapore office of banking giant Citibank to embark on a financial advisory career. But he very quickly realised the challenges the industry was facing with the inherent distrust that some members of the public had, due in part to a few bad apples and fly-by-night consultants plaguing the industry.

“I reached out to friends and ex-colleagues [to offer my services], who didn’t reach back for the first couple years,” he says. “Because a lot of them don’t have positive experiences with financial advisers.”

“It was only after my breakthrough in 2016 and, seeing my success, that old friends and ex-colleagues started reaching out to me.”

“I thought – if I’m going to serve in the financial advisory industry all my working life, I need to massively outdo my peers in the industry. And that entails consistently putting the interests of my clients first.”

With that in mind, Derrick started delving obsessively into financial resources – books and mentors – especially on investing, and a brainchild was born.

“Active Rebalancing Method (ARM) is what I call it,” says Derrick, 33. “The old days of our parents’ era of buy-and-hold no longer works. In this new era where information travels at the speed of light, the biggest fish doesn’t necessarily win – the fastest fish often does.”

According to Derrick, unlike traditional approaches where retail investors are mercilessly subjected to the ups and downs of the financial markets, his approach helps navigate the rough seas that come with economic slowdowns and market downturns.

“I’ve always taught – and it matches up with the years I have spent investing – that if you take care of the downside risk, the upside always takes care of itself. The number one mistake most new investors make is thinking only about the potential gains.”

Through his Active Rebalancing Method, which takes an active approach to fund allocation, Derrick has helped hundreds of clients achieve consistent returns over the years in the financial markets.

Looking ahead, he says that the focus of his work will remain on serving his existing client base. “The reality is there are so many people in the world whom I haven’t reached and need my services. But I might stop taking on new clients when I reach my 1000th – and I’m getting close.”

In an industry where tailor-made, personalised services are in high demand, does Derrick – who balances his time between his work, mentorship, and trading – ever struggle with time management?

“I’m incredibly grateful to my superstar team of assistants, who keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. I can only meaningfully serve three or four existing clients a day. And if I’m working most days of the year, that translates to a maximum of a thousand clients.”

“Who knows, I might start leading a team in the future. Right now, my main focus is to positively impact the lives of my clients as much as possible.”

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