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IcyAds is Reinventing Advertising, Launches Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Advertisers

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IcyAds is Reinventing Advertising, Launches Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Advertisers

June 09
19:41 2021
Dubbed to be a preferred alternative to leading Ad platforms such as Google Ads, Ezoic, and PropellerAds, IcyAds is on a mission to create the perfect platform for advertisers to reach millions of targeted users on a daily basis via multiple advertising channels

Multiple platforms and the lack of transparency have created inefficiencies and high costs for agencies, advertisers, and affiliates. Agencies must jump through various hoops all over the place to discover how many impressions are available, what they’re going for, and how much the publishers will sell them.

IcyAds has launched a programmatic self-service DSP which provides advertisers and publishers with access to an active supply of high-quality inventory and a transparent transaction process to support their marketing goals. The ad agency offers solutions for both supply-side and demand-side in programmatic self-service DSP.

With over 10 billion worldwide ad requests monthly, a user-friendly self‑serve platform, Machine Learning-based algorithm to filter poor quality traffic, and fast campaign moderation, IcyAds is undoubtedly the ad network to trust for all forms of advertising.

IcyAds seeks to create an enabling environment for advertisers. It aims to be the Best Ad Network providing Pop Ads and a self-serve DSP. IcyAds also allows advertisers to reach millions of targeted users daily via multiple advertising channels. It enables users to restructure the advertising process from end to end, offering them convenience and transparency in managing campaigns from numerous platforms.

By signing up on IcyAds, intending publishers enjoy real-time reporting, worldwide coverage, and easy integration. The Ad types available on IcyAds include Pop Ads, Push Notifications, Domain redirects, and iOS Calendar ads. Advertisers looking to work with IcyAds offer a self-serve platform with multiple options for geo-targeting, global reach, and anti-fraud protection.

For a chance to target the right audience, maximize efficiency, and increase performance, sign up on IcyAds today.

About IcyAds

Founded by Haroon Nasim, IcyAds is growing to become a leading ad network globally, offering a flow of seamless, efficient programmatic advertising. Haroon has over 11 years of digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and online advertising experience, and he incorporates it into IcyAds, ensuring clients meet their marketing goals.

IcyAds combines the best technology and years of experience to build long-term relationships with clients and partners. Please visit for more information or email to [email protected].

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