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NFT Marketplace ‘BitCake’ To Usher In a New Era For Digital Collectibles.

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NFT Marketplace ‘BitCake’ To Usher In a New Era For Digital Collectibles.

June 15
03:21 2021
NFT Marketplace 'BitCake' To Usher In a New Era For Digital Collectibles.
BSC based marketplace BitCake prepares for historic debut

Houston, TX – Jun 15, 2021 –On Saturday, June 19, 2021, BitCake, the Binance Smart Chain based NFT marketplace will debut in style. BitCake allows users to discover rare music, videos, digital sports memorabilia, digital art collectibles, one-of-a-kind podcasts, and rad gaming collectibles.

“NFT’s are putting the power back in the hands of the artists,” said Shane Cormier, CEO of BitCake, Corp. “The music industry has taken a few beatings over the last 20 years, but BitCake is the solution to the music industry’s woes.”

About BitCake

BitCake is a creator-centric NFT marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC allows artists the ability to sell collectibles without having to pay mainnet gas fees, which is a growing expense to digital artists.

BitCake’s CEO Shane Cormier founded BitCake in early 2021. Cormier attended San Diego Community College, LA Valley College and holds numerous certificates in cybersecurity from IBM and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

The First Major NFT Marketplace On Binance Smart Chain

BitCake is a next-generation marketplace where artists and collectors can create, sell and collect digital items secured on the Binance Smart Chain. BitCake is rumored to have the most robust audio NFT offerings of any digital marketplace online, gaining the attention of the international music industry.NFT marketplaces are quickly evolving, and BitCake is at the center stage of this exciting revolution.

Exciting New Premiers Weekly

BitCake will drop the most exciting world premieres of any NFT marketplace. From Hip Hop stars to the most historic sports athletes of all time. Every week, rumors will abound to what could be the next BitCake premier.

BitCake Has NFT Development Covered

For organizations that want to get in on the NFT collectibles craze, but don’t have a graphics art designer on staff, That’s where CakeShop comes in. CakeShop, a subsidiary of BitCake, functions as the inhouse graphic arts department that produces unique NFT’s exclusively for BitCake clients. CakeShop can develop unique collectibles crafted specially for franchises, retail brands, celebrities or enthusiast starting as low as $399 for 2D or 3D development. Once the NFT is developed, it’s ready to mint and prepare for auction on the BitCake marketplace.

Visit for more information.

BitCake Gift Cards

For those wanting to gift NFT collectibles to their friends and loved ones, BitCake will soon have gift cards available in select retail stores.

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