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AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO: Incubating an International Brand in Three Months

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AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO: Incubating an International Brand in Three Months

August 04
00:29 2021

The reporter noticed that AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO, a foreign unicorn company that has handled many super-selling brands, has announced the official development of international brand incubation services. With one-stop international brand professional incubation operation services, it allows many brand followers of investors to own an original, competitive international brand, so as to easily achieve “passive money”.

According to the reporter, many Australian and New Zealand brands have risen in recent years, many of which have entered more than 50 countries and regions worldwide for sale. Australian brands such as EAORON, EZZ, THERALADY, Nutrition Care and SWISSE, which have achieved rapid growth in the Asian market, are all marks of the success of Australian brands in the Chinese market. A common feature of the international brands that have performed well in the market is their high international reputation and credibility. It is clear that once the brand effect is formed, companies can easily “earn” and obtain a constant stream of “passive income”.

In recent years, many enterprises that have long been OEMs and distributors for brands have embarked on a path of seeking more independent and high-quality development – creating their own brands and earning profits at the top of the pyramid with their own channels. Enterprises face many difficulties in this step, such as the lack of competitiveness of the brand, serious homogenisation of products, no overseas resources and other difficulties, and are even ridiculed by consumers as “fake foreign brands”. It is clear that the lack of professional management experience is a roadblock to making an international brand. If you leave it to the professionals, many problems will be solved. With “incubating an international brand in three months”, AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO has come to inject a strong agent for companies that need brand incubation and operation.

It is reported that AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO, the world’s first innovative service group with the core business of creating and incubating Australian and New Zealand brands, is a skilled operator of many explosive brands. As a large multinational group with strong comprehensive strength, AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO has successfully managed many first-tier international brands in Australia and New Zealand, which have created great achievements in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, America and Asia, and the cumulative sales return has exceeded 10 billion.

Under the management of the GROUP, an Australian local beauty brand has not only ranked among the first line of Australian beauty brands in just a few years, but also worked closely with Tmall, Jingdong, Costco, MINISO and other online and offline channels to expand the Chinese market, winning three consecutive championships in the sales of ANZ skin care products during the double 11 period on e-commerce platforms; a health care brand managed by AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO has also been listed on the main board of the Australian Stock Exchange. A New Zealand health brand incubated by him has been listed on the main board of the Australian Stock Exchange; a New Zealand health brand incubated by him has entered G-Super Greenland Premium, Ito-Yokado, China Resources Vanguard, Yonghui, and Boxma Fresh and other quality channels, becoming a phenomenal health brand with a wide and high reputation among domestic and international consumers.

It is noted that the service model of AUSTRALIAN NEW LAND GROUP CO is a global innovation of “brand building”, which is the first brand “turnkey” engineering service. Partner companies only need to put forward product development needs, the rest will be completed by the GROUP.

For example, from the product formula development, to technical solutions and packaging design, finally forming a perfect product solution; from the production and manufacturing in line with the Australian TGA standards, to all kinds of functional testing, inspection and testing, embassy certification, country of origin certification; from the Australian chain merchants sales, to the Chinese customs import customs clearance, approval of China’s record, bonded zone services, etc.

“In short, Chinese companies can easily own an international brand and gain brand momentum and product advantages in the market competition simply by working with us.” The group’s head of China told reporters, “Relying on our advantageous resources, we will devote ourselves to providing Chinese enterprises in need with ‘New Australia Brand Co-Building’ services, such as building differentiated product systems, enhancing brand competitiveness and building global sales channels. Starting immediately, we will extend our cooperation to eight categories of companies, including brands, distributors wholesalers, e-commerce, live teams, direct sales teams, social e-commerce, resellers and retailers.

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