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Windsor Shulant: A Thrilling Romance Story That Will Keep Readers on the Edge of the Seat

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Windsor Shulant: A Thrilling Romance Story That Will Keep Readers on the Edge of the Seat

August 09
16:11 2021

Romance is in the air! Wendy, an upcoming fashion designer looking for a footing in the fashion world, is also about to find love. This is something that readers who are looking for a good romance book will find interesting. “Windsor Shulant” is captivating a book by a renowned writer, Jeannette Amanfo.

The author begins with an introduction where the main character, Wendy, is set on a journey to meet the famous Heather Dryer, with excitement that her dream of becoming an established designer was about to come true. She had spent most of her time making clothing designs to take to Heather as well as sell in others. Her journey to meet Heather in town would bring good tidings. She met a famous model whom she has only been seeing in fashion magazines. The two were staying in the same hotel, and Wendy noticed that he was wearing one of her designs. She was excited beyond words; somebody she admired in the fashion magazine was wearing her design. So many questions started to run through her mind when she met her in the hallways. “Does she know that she was wearing Wendy’s design? Does he know who Wendy was?”

Wendy’s questions were to be answered in another encounter. This time it was in the restaurant where Wendy had gone to get something to eat. The famous model would tell Wendy that he knew her as a greater designer. This was a magical moment for the two, who would later turn out to be lovers. It was love at first sight, as the author puts it. “The two formed a friendship that they thought would never end.”

The author reveals that Wendy has not had a steady relationship for some time. A man she revered, the famous model Windsor Shulant, now admires her. He has told her the sweet words, describing her as a great designer. She wondered whether this would be the man whom she has been hoping for. Reading through “Windsor Shulant” will give the reader the answer to this question. In addition, readers will find out whether distance love will work, given that the two new friends are from different states. Will the friendship blossom? Will this develop into something special?

The reader will find out the answers in this page-turner. One review says that when reading the book, one should make sure that water is turned off; nothing is cooking in the kitchen as once the first page is turned because the reader will not stop until the last page. Given that this is relatively a short book, this is something that may happen.

Authors Tranquility Press, a prominent publicity agency in the literary world, has endorsed the book. They are working with the author to promote the book, enabling readers who love romance stories, as the marketing agency representative says, to get the kind of books that excite and thrill. “We’re here to serve as the author’s ultimate book publicity partner,” said the representative while explaining their role.

Ella Corteselli, the Head of Production at Authors Tranquility Press, encourages the readers to visit Amazon, where the book is available for sale.

About the Author

Jeannette Amanfo is a well-published author with several books to her name. In her books, the author has been creating captivating stories; she has been writing since a young age.

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