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Divine Wealth: Healing and Awakening One’s Heart to Gain Awareness and Discover One’s Unique Authentic Light

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Divine Wealth: Healing and Awakening One’s Heart to Gain Awareness and Discover One’s Unique Authentic Light

August 10
22:37 2021
A holistic and intuitive approach to help and empower women to be the best versions of themselves, enabling them to manifest the life they truly desire.

Divine Wealth Mentor Jasmita Thakersee is helping feminine entrepreneurs to heal their deepest wounds, align and activate their soul truth and lead themselves and their clients from this powerful space.

What is Divine Wealth?

Divine Wealth is a state of being; where one is aligned and fully tapped into the highest version of themselves. A space within that is Freedom, Joy, and Love! It is an activation of one’s highest energetic frequencies that embeds deep into the subconscious, and once healed, openly aligns with receiving.

Here individuals are energetically connecting, awakening, and embodying their true self and form. It is a space where the portal to one’s wealth opens and overflows. When a person stops wishing and listens to the intuitive nudges and takes a step towards their growth: that is an instance where they can clear the old internal patterns that are running on autopilot and producing the same results!

When the old repetitive data is erased, and new data, totally congruent with one’s vision and purpose, are installed: that is when they attract and calibrate in a frequency aligned with their ambitions. It is a relief when an individual has released all the inner programming that is not serving. They feel revitalized and can project only their Divine Truth! That is when there is flow and ease in wealth creation.

Jasmita Thakersee started her career in the Spa and Wellness Industry following her passion for Wellbeing from an early age. She quickly climbed the ladder of success and then answered a calling to “Awaken her Divine Power” and knew immediately: that she is bound to carry out this assignment!”

Today, she brings her wealth of wisdom together as a result-focused mentor, soulful entrepreneur, natural-born empath, and the founder of her signature program: Awaken your Divine Power.

With her passion and expertise in the Wellness Industry for many years, she brings together a Holistic approach to tapping into Wealth Consciousness.

“Clearing our subconscious opens us up to connect to our true selves!”

“Unhealed wounds and trauma are obstacles in the path to wealth creation.”

Jasmita empowers her clients to quickly get unstuck from pain to power by dissolving their trauma, disempowering behaviors, and move beyond perceived limitations, so they are open to receiving the flow of their soul guidance. In dancing with the souls intuitive calling, their purpose of creating wealth becomes effortless.

She has dedicated her life’s work to be a guiding light for women who are ready to heal from their past, transcend beyond their limitations, get to know themselves fully, connect to their intuitive superpower, and move forward with this expansion towards their extraordinary growth!

Ultimately then creating Divine Limitless Wealthy Lives filled with pleasure!

“I believe as we become lighter in ourselves, allow alignment and connection to our truth, we are then able to manifest anything and everything we desire in ease flow, grace, surrender, and inspired co-creation with the universe!”

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It’s time for every woman to rise into her Feminine Divine power and lead her business and life energetically from this activated space and hence, be abundantly and luxuriously supported materially.

“We have the innate ability as Feminine Leaders to create anything we desire at will so, let us use this superpower for good.”

She runs programs, masterminds, and private 1:1 mentoring.

“I’m here to activate your deep love of self, your voice, your wisdom, your worth, your wealth, your infinite elevation, your unique blueprint, your soul truth, your goddess liberation!”

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