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New Book by Author Karl Olson – A Book That Reveals the True Message Behind Faith

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New Book by Author Karl Olson – A Book That Reveals the True Message Behind Faith

August 13
19:32 2021

Karl Olson’s The Broken Truth is a book which opens up many biblical clues and reveals their true meaning. Answers to some of the deepest questions are revealed, allowing you to go on a journey which brings you closer to God and strengthens your faith with every page. As you work through it you begin to understand the transformative power of the message and the way you can use the hidden meanings in the bible to change the way you view your role in the world.

CHAPTER 8 – THE BIG AWAKENING OF THE TRUTH is a prime a example. Here is what the author had to say about it: “This is how Jesus gave me a life saving message in a BIBLE from SUICIDE… HOW HE WANTS US TO BE… Something I always thought I knew… than reading His word – HE CONFIRMED IT… I have three miracles that night. He lifted me right out of this depression and gave me hope, gave me transforming peace, comfort and showed me his love…”

An interesting way to think about the issues surrounding faith and the bible, but what comes next?

“This is how we can make it through this life. WALK IN THE LIGHT NOT IN DARKNESS. Hold on to the edge of your seat, this book is about to rock your world like nothing before… This is how the devil tried to destroy me twice that night, and I have my forth MIRACULOUS MIRACLE, “YES”. This is how we can persevere through our trials when we keep the Lord close to our hearts and His word.”

And where can we expect this journey of discover and enlightenment to take us in the weeks and months ahead?

“This is how the Lord can open up the windows gate of heaven when you listen to His calling!! A powerful website is a must see and is the home of this truly 5-star book. And for those looking to truly find a message of faith and strength, a revised edition of the book has just been released and is available to buy through the website right now.”

A fascinating insight into a way of viewing faith and creating faith-based literature that connects with the very core of who we are and what it all means.

For those looking for further insights, personal growth or discussion, Karl Olson can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances on the details below.


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