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SendMe’s new generation of Tone-up Body Lotion is arrival: Let “whitening” get immediate impact

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SendMe’s new generation of Tone-up Body Lotion is arrival: Let “whitening” get immediate impact

September 24
17:34 2021

According to CBN Data “Consumption Insights of Contemporary Youth Body Care”, the number of consumers buying body care products 3 times or more has increased by more than 75% year on year since 2019, and skincare products have become more diverse. Such a huge facial attractiveness economy has also given birth to a new generation of SendMe Tone-up Body Lotion, which can instantly correct the skin tone, and has attracted widespread attention in the market.

Instantly correct skin tone, whitening immediately

For girls with dark skin, whitening is a lifelong pursuit. Many body lotions and scrubs are emphasizing whitening effects besides basic moisturizing in body care market. However, consumer reviews are mostly average.

Therefore, when a new whitening brand appears,consumers carry the industry picky high vision, jointly analyze it. SendMe Tone-up Body Lotion is called “Skin Correction Fluid”. It can instantly correct skin tone, concealer, and achieves brightening and whitening effect, making you dazzling white and glowing.

Avoid the embarrassment of cakey and create natural white skin

When consumers use whitening products, they will feel hard to be applied, or easy to cakey, making skin becomes abnormally dry, which dampens the self-confidence of girls.

SendMe Tone-up Body Lotion has undergone a lot of experiments, tests, and meticulous grinding to make skin white and natural. It adheres to three principles: no caking, no staining, no separating. It can also be sweat-proof and waterproof, and suitable for dry skin, and it will never creasing especially in summer.

High performance-price ratio, walking peach

As a whitening body lotion, SendMe contains whitening ingredients such as nicotinamide, arbutin, and Glycyrrhizin, which is known as “whitening gold”.

In addition to whitening, as a moisturizing and nourishing body lotion, SendMe Tone-up Body Lotion contains camellia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, as well as bisabolol, ceramide, etc., which have good repairing effects.

Moreover, it is also contains Portulaca extract and Aloe vera leaf, which has anti-inflammatory and calming effects, escorts the safety of the skin!

Do you want to be as whitening as possible? Let’s look forward to the surprise performance of SendMe Tone-up Body Lotion so that everyone can have flawless and shining skin that satisfies themselves!

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