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Superstarpeezy takes the world by surprise as he becomes the King of hip-hop and rap in Atlanta

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Superstarpeezy takes the world by surprise as he becomes the King of hip-hop and rap in Atlanta

October 01
01:51 2021
Superstarpeezy has left everyone amazed with his latest song and is a perfect depiction of what the artist is

The people of Atlanta are in full swing, trying their best to match the tune that they have never before treated their ears with, the vibe that has never been experienced, thanks to Superstarpeezy, his new project is now available on all streaming services,  all across the world. The project has heighted success and is on a run for much more. It connects deeply with the audience. For the lovers of hip hop, it is a perfect treat. For young rappers, it is exactly what they need to follow. The Atlanta based rapper/hip hop artist has an aura of his own and brings to the music industry an angle that has never been explored before. He revolutionized hip hop like no other. His music takes the listeners on a journey of their own. With a much modern extravagant take on the lyrics accentuated by his own unique style, he expresses the complexity of the emotions. His music has a deeper meaning that reflects his own journey. His music is certain to take people on a road of nostalgic hip hop of Atlanta. So whoever hasn’t been able to travel lately, now might be the best time to do it.

It all started when a child decided to find escape in music. It all happened when Superstarpeezy’s mother was removed from home. His love for his mother, Kathleen was irreplaceable, he couldn’t find a way to fill the void but he sure did find a way out. A way out when the little boy decided to pick up mic. When that happened, it all changed. It was at that very moment that the hip hop in Atlanta was about to change in a way that maintained its roots but also embraced modernity. The uberly cool and talented boy made no delays and quickly gathered the well deserved fame. With the rapling skills he had and the passion to do what he wanted, he knew which way to go and was  mentored by rap legends such as Shawty Lo with whom he also did his recording. His biggest accomplishment was when he did a song with Shawty Lo, it is available on YouTube for his listeners to enjoy.

The hitmaker saw no stopping and went on to create his own hip-hop family, G.O.G, Grind out Gangstas which turned into his record label, Extravagant World Entertainment, LLC in 2017. He released his first hit single in 2019 which has been unstoppable since. From the strip clubs  to the top clubs, it’s their first choice to play and has became an iconic song. The talented singer has been on the run for 15 years now and has gained this position after much hard work and dedication. He believes to never stop growing and aims on producing many more for his people.

Superstarpeezy has released 3 studio projects with many more in the line to come. He has an honor of working with ‘Fabo’ from the major recording group, D4L. He produced a song.  With collaborations like such, Superstarpeezy has been climbing up the stairs of success like no other. In a competition with himself, he has no contemporaries as he continues to be a better version of himself. A mic that was picked up to drop the pain he was going through now steers his life. He went through the worst to get the best.

His other works include a song he did with Def Jam Records artist, he likes to take up new directions in his music through many different record artists along with actively producing his own singles. He believes that when he works with record labels, he is determined to bring in unique and new songs every time. Along with such he continues to write records for many that include Shawty Lo. He also helped in starting up the famous blog channel ‘Gutta TV’ which leaves the question: Is ther anything he can’t do?

All of the songs by Superstarpeezy have been exclusively uploaded on Youtube to be available for a greater number of audience. With such Superstarpeezy has set no boundaries and also has been doing some tour dates with artists from Warner Bros records, opening up for artists such as ‘Erica Banks’, ‘Big Homie Tyni’ Superstar Peezy knows how to keep connected with people who love him. Visit his profile to know him better. He believes in connecting with his audience personally.

Currently, Superstarpeezy is enjoying the success of his latest project and is working on a project which will be out by the end of this year. Upon asking as to what should the audience expect, he replied, ‘It is something never been explored before. I am working really hard and hope to surprise my audience with something that will fit perfectly for a New Year’s present.’  With such, the anticipation is high and it will be worth the wait to see what Superstarpeezy brings out this time. His people and fans know it will be a huge success.

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