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Is it a good time to hire robots for small-business manufacturing?

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Is it a good time to hire robots for small-business manufacturing?

October 05
18:11 2021

It’s proven that many operations robots can do better, faster, and cheaper than any employee. However, previously only big companies could afford quality industrial robots. Recently, there is a new generation of professional robots hit the market. They are faster, more accurate in their operations, and most importantly, highly reliable and affordable.

There is another big issue that comes with cheap robots. You buy them, install them, integrate them into your workflow process, pay expensive engineers, purchase software, etc. Then these robots stop working, work not accurately, produce defective details, or make mistakes. That’s sad. Big companies understood this early and have specific requirements for professional robots. Among those requirements are certifications and high-quality manufacturers.

Among the leaders on the market for small-business professional robots, there are such robot manufacturers as Universal-Robots and Rozum Robotics. Universal Robots is a Danish manufacturer of smaller industrial robots. Their most popular models are UR3 and UR5. Rozum Robotics is a modern Eastern European manufacturer of smaller flexible industrial collaborative robot arms. They also manufacture high-quality servo and frameless motors for other robot manufacturers. Their most popular models to compete with Universal Robots are Pulse 75 and Pulse 90.

Professional-Robots ( is a Southern California-based service company with a history of working with different types of robots. They “tried them all” before finally choose the best for their client’s needs. “We came from a service and support for automation. We were looking for universal, affordable but high-quality professional robots for our clients. That’s how we found Rozum Robotics. We tested them under heavy conditions, and they worked just perfectly. Rozum industrial robots are low cost, lightweight, high speed, high precision, and high rigidity.”

Another complexity faced by companies is setting robots for various manufacturing processes. Small businesses often need to change processes and manufacturing cycles. At the same time, the robot needs to be reconfigured and adapting to these processes.

Rozum’s unique technology of teaching robots by hand guiding makes setup, configuring, and adjusting the robots quick and easy, even for a user with no coding or engineering background. Our robots use an API (Application Programming Interface) (Java, Python) for advanced control. This makes Rozum robots the number one choice for small businesses and manufacturers. Professional-Robots can help you choose suitable robots for your needs.

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