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Abraham Great Is Helping People Migrate To US, Canada and UK To Fulfill Their Dreams

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Abraham Great Is Helping People Migrate To US, Canada and UK To Fulfill Their Dreams

October 05
21:25 2021
Abraham Great Is Helping People Migrate To US, Canada and UK To Fulfill Their Dreams
Abraham Great
The renowned author of eight famous books on Amazon, Abraham Great, is now back with a new course that helps people from the US, Canada, and the UK migrate legitimately, without needing an immigration consultant.

October 5, 2021 – Abraham Great is helping people migrate to the US, Canada, and the UK to fulfill their dreams. Immigration may provide significant economic benefits, such as a more flexible labor market, a larger skill base, higher demand, and greater variety in creativity. However, immigration is a contentious issue. It is said that immigration causes overpopulation, congestion, and additional strain on public services. There is a nuanced, competing reality at work for immigrant groups and their offspring, the majority of whom are now living some form of the American dream. Or, more specifically, an upward mobility dimension of that dream: the belief that hard work would result in improved stability and class standing for the following generation.

Abraham Great founded Gr8terworks , a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom, to improve education to eliminate poverty and crime in local areas. He is active in lobbying for the church to play a larger role in the government and development of Nigeria and developing nations as in the UK. Abraham Great has launched a new platform that allows novices to relocate to the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada for free. In his words, “It makes no difference how much money you make or how many certifications you possess. The finest thing is that you don’t need anyone’s aid or pay additional money for special regard. Even if you don’t know anybody and don’t have the money to pay for expert help, you will learn all you need to know in this masterclass to acquire your visa and move legally to the UK, US, or Canada.”

According to one reader, “The teachings in this masterclass are unlike ever seen. He’ll be delving deep into the procedures, including unique information you’ll NEVER find elsewhere – spanning over 20 years of his private and organizational immigration expertise.” Abraham Great is active in lobbying for the gospel to play a larger role in government and development. He has established Diaspora Connect to strengthen ties between the diaspora community and their home nation. 

Abraham Great is altering the narrative of African nations through communication and access to trustworthy research and offering access to enthusiastic individuals whose objective is to assist change the systems and procedures in their country of residence through Diaspora Connect.

About Abraham Great

Abraham Great is a businessman, author, gospel performer, speaker, and philanthropist of British-Nigerian descent. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of He Lives Bible Church England, recognized for its motivational tagline, “It Is Working.”

To learn more about Abraham Great and his work you can visit and and follow him through his website:

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