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The Praise of Life: Leading the Third Revival of World Culture

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The Praise of Life: Leading the Third Revival of World Culture

October 12
09:05 2021

Chinese culture, which has lasted for thousands of years, has a long and illustrious history. Among them, jade culture, as an important representative of Chinese culture, has accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation and represents the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation, which has influenced people’s way of thinking.


With a strong sense of family and country and extreme love for Chinese culture, the Hongshan craftsmen have spent ten years to create the great historical symbols belonging to this era – “Praise of Life” jade sculpture group. With art works, to depict the solidity of many different rivers and mountains, record the affluence of many different households, look forward to tomorrow’s jade dragon soaring, and bless the rise of China’s national self-confidence.

On 29th September, New York time, “Praise of Life”, a work completed by Hongshan’s artisans with ten years of effort, was displayed on the NASDAQ big screen. The magnificent momentum and the long heritage of Chinese civilization took the breath away of the passers-by and caused a global discussion. More than 480 of the world’s top news agencies and global digital media websites, including Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, ITAR-TASS, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Insider, Dow Jones MarketWatch and Digital Journal, reported on the work, and the “Praise of Life” fever swept the world once again.


Since ancient times, the mountain has always been a symbol of the will to live in Chinese culture, and Mount Tai has traditionally been regarded as an important symbol of world stability, regime consolidation, national prosperity and national unity, and the Mount Tai portion of the Praise of Life jade sculpture group is a representation of Chinese cultural history created in the hands of the Hongshan artisans. Reduced to 4.3 meters in height at a scale of 350 to 1, they have restored a majestic and imposing figure of Mount Tai, a representative of the ultimate craftsmanship, showing not only the understanding of the Hongshan craftsmen of Chinese culture, but also the complete transmission of the essence of the national essence of Mount Tai, the Confucian Way, the path of Mount Tai and the natural scenery. In addition to the realistic part, they also present the image of the rising sun – the sunrise in the east, which is the essence art distilled from the life.


Italian stone artworks are mainly modeled landscape stones, simple and atmospheric, mostly collected in the hands of well-known local collecting artists, and are priced at a high level. Compared with the works of the Hongshan craftsmen, the “Praise of Life” jade sculpture group is even more outstanding in terms of imposing specifications and carving skills, and will certainly become an important and indispensable part of the world culture in the future.

In addition to literature and art, Italian food culture also enjoys a high status in Europe, even the long history of French food culture, which also originated from Italy. After years of research, they have completed several works related to Italian food culture.

Italian Seafood and Beef Risotto

As a coastal country, risotto is a traditional Italian specialty. Before its creation, the Hongshan artisans, after a long period of selection and screening, use a whole piece of naturally formed jade raw material, which naturally presents the color and pattern of the ingredients of the risotto without any processing, and after careful carving, the luster is full, moist and translucent.

Italian Tiramisu

Tiramisu originated from a dessert in northwestern Italy in the 17th century, which is not only loved by the common people of Italy, but also has a simple philosophy behind it that sweetness and bitterness live in harmony. As a work of art, how to restore the velvet texture of tiramisu is a test of the craftsmen’s control of the jade material and mastery of fine techniques. In the end, the clarity of the texture of the finished product, the ingenuity of the creative concept and the exquisite carving technique are breathtaking.


The “Praise of Life” large jade carving group planner, Hongshan craftsman Zhai Peng has described his original intention of creation “We complete this work, is for the prosperity of our culture, to build national cultural confidence, and ultimately, to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

In the future, the Hongshan artisans will bring the vigor to build a century of Praise of Life after ten years, and devote themselves to building a world-class jade carving global food culture museum, and will display the Manchurian banquet, the eight Chinese cuisines, 56 ethnic cuisines, the six animals prosperity, the New Year’s Eve dinner, the rice bag and vegetable basket, the ancient tea table, and the food culture of more than 50 countries that have close relations with China, in addition they will also continue to Create art works, create cultural exhibitions and world cultural and art fairs, lay the foundation for the great rejuvenation of Chinese culture, let the Chineseized culture show its permanent charm and contemporary style, and continuously forge the new glory of Chinese culture.

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