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A hybrid Venture Capital Fund in the works for Lankershim Taft

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A hybrid Venture Capital Fund in the works for Lankershim Taft

October 13
15:00 2021

Lankershim Taft is looking to start a venture capital fund that will primarily aid developmental stage companies to get publicly listed in the USA markets.

There are a lot of companies In the fintech and cannabis space worldwide that are still finding it hard to get capital to grow and scale. Most of these companies were overlooked and passed up by big venture capital firms due to operational, managerial, and systemic problems present at that specific stage of their growth. “We’d like to think about these companies we target as the late bloomers and the turnaround kids of the start-up world. Those who’ve got an ax to grind with everyone, the extra motivated ones who dared to dream yet the so-called experts have branded as not worth investing in. Truth be told, sometimes that amount of concentrated motivation by the founders and management can turn a losing operation into a winner overnight, and that’s where we’d come in, said Kris Crudo. The CEO and founder of Lankershim Taft. We’d like to give them one more chance at that limelight. The challenge is weeding out the ones with the potential to be great from the complete garbage. We’re not going to get this 100% right all the time; that’s why we need to also hedge or minimize our risk by having a solid and quick exit strategy if everything doesn’t go to plan. It’s not going to be easy, but we have the expertise and the capability to make this happen,” he added.

This development highlights the flexibility and the willingness of Lankershim Taft to explore different strategies that are not too far away from its investment principle, which is always be hedging and always make sure that you can get out of your position as fast as possible. To call this new fund, a pure venture capital fund is really in a way, not very accurate. Venture capital funds usually take 3 to 10 years to exit on their investments in different start-ups. With this hybrid fund, Lankershim Taft is looking at 3 months to 1 year to exit through the public markets. So, in a way you get the quick in and out investment strategy of a hedge fund and the return of investment rate of a venture capital fund in one fund.

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