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The American AI giant has established a subsidiary in Hong Kong, with a primary focus on the Asian market

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The American AI giant has established a subsidiary in Hong Kong, with a primary focus on the Asian market

September 16
02:41 2023

As the AI market in the Asia-Pacific region continues to thrive,, a leading American AI industry player, has made a significant strategic decision following multiple high-level discussions. This strategy includes the establishment of a subsidiary named “H2O AI Hong Kong Limited” in Hong Kong by October 2023, along with the setup of a local research and development center. Additionally, multiple project plans, including an online investment platform, are in the works. This move aims not only to enhance their service capabilities in the Chinese market but also to foster deep collaborations with Chinese enterprises.

To gradually shift its focus towards the Asian market, particularly in China, has initiated a project plan known as “ HK.” This plan includes key measures such as establishing a subsidiary in Hong Kong, setting up a research and development center, and adopting new financing methods. The primary objective of this plan is to expand business collaborations and operations in the Asia-Pacific region, with a strong emphasis on developing the Chinese market.

The Hong Kong subsidiary, set to launch officially in late September, will be responsible for coordinating all of’s business collaborations and operations in the Asia-Pacific region. This move will accelerate’s business expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, providing customers with localized support and solutions.’s Hong Kong subsidiary will develop AI products and customized services tailored to local needs in response to the demands of the Asian market. The localized research and development center will hire a substantial number of AI professionals from mainland China and Hong Kong to expedite localization efforts and actively support the strategic transformation of the parent company. possesses extensive experience and advanced technology in fields like automated machine learning within the artificial intelligence sector. By further expanding into the Asian market, it is poised to offer innovative data science solutions to a broader range of enterprises. This expansion is also expected to rapidly elevate’s influence in the AI industry and potentially surpass current industry leaders in the short term.

Furthermore, plans to launch a brand-new online investment platform, providing investors with more opportunities to participate in the company’s growth and expansion. This platform will offer investors the chance to invest in innovative projects within the fields of artificial intelligence and data science, potentially attracting more attention from investors interested in the growth potential of the Asian market. This, in turn, is expected to facilitate the smooth implementation of the “ HK” project plan.

In conclusion, the “ HK” project plan launched by reflects the company’s optimistic assessment of the potential in the Asian market. It also presents additional collaboration opportunities and innovative solutions for businesses in China and the Asia-Pacific region. This move demonstrates’s proactive investment and commitment to the Asian, particularly the Chinese market. Through measures such as establishing a subsidiary in Hong Kong, setting up a localized research and development center, and launching an online investment platform, not only strengthens its ties with the Asian region but also offers new opportunities and possibilities for Asian businesses and investors. This represents not only an important step in’s strategic development but also a significant advancement in the entire Asian AI landscape. As the “ HK” project is implemented, “ HK” can anticipate increased collaboration and innovation in the Asian artificial intelligence sector, driving technological advancement and economic development throughout the region.

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