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New Journey in Compliance: BAORUI Proudly Acquires the US MSB License, Marking a Financial Milestone

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New Journey in Compliance: BAORUI Proudly Acquires the US MSB License, Marking a Financial Milestone

February 27
00:20 2024

Recently, BAORUI formally announced its successful acquisition of the US MSB (Money Services Business) license. This pivotal milestone demonstrates its unwavering commitment to financial standards and transparency. Furthermore, it symbolizes its dazzling achievement in the crypto market, boasting both US and Canadian MSB licenses.

Andrew Griffiths, the head of the BAORUI brand, proclaimed, “Successfully obtaining the US MSB license is a robust affirmation of BAORUI’s long-standing adherence to compliance and its dedication to delivering high-quality financial services. As we realize our vision in the crypto market with both the US and Canadian MSB licenses, we are fully confident in offering even more comprehensive crypto trading services to our global clientele.”

The application for the US MSB license involves a myriad of compliance reviews and stringent criteria. However, backed by its consistent emphasis on regulatory compliance and profound operational strength, BAORUI stood out and earned this prestigious license. This not only testifies to BAORUI’s adherence to regulatory standards but also showcases its significant influence in the international crypto arena.

Acquiring the US MSB license underscores BAORUI’s ambition and strategy in its global outreach, indicating that BAORUI is poised to broaden its operational horizons within the two major economic entities of North America. This achievement further solidifies its leadership stance in the global crypto domain.

Andrew added, “With our regulatory framework in place in both the US and Canada, BAORUI will persist in exploring compliant financial markets in even more countries and regions. We firmly believe that, under the premise of compliance, it is every company’s duty and mission to provide crypto services to the global audience using state-of-the-art technology.”

With its strong foundation in compliance, exceptional operational capabilities, and acute grasp of the global market, BAORUI is progressively emerging as a pioneer in this era of transformation.

BAORUI’s achievement in regulatory compliance not only validates its capabilities but also carves yet another financial milestone in the tidal wave of global financial evolution, further showcasing its leadership within the industry. Moving forward, BAORUI will continue to uphold its principles of compliance and innovation, crafting even more secure and convenient crypto services for its global clientele.

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