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Napa Valley Author DM Siciliano presents debut horror novel “Inside” just in time for Halloween

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Napa Valley Author DM Siciliano presents debut horror novel “Inside” just in time for Halloween

October 03
22:27 2019
Napa Valley Author DM Siciliano presents debut horror novel “Inside” just in time for Halloween
Imagine if popular horror stories like Stranger Things and The Haunting of Hill House had a book baby, and Stephen King as a nanny, the result might be something as twisted as “Inside.”

Napa, CA – October 3, 2019 – In 1987, Massachusetts, five friends invade a haunted house under the cover of night. From the moment they enter, things go horribly wrong. A Shadow lurks in the darkness, and the front door disappears, leaving them trapped. Hunted by the Shadow, they flee through the one-roomed house that somehow changes and reshapes itself, forcing them into new rooms and corridors that seem to be plucked from their fears and memories. Can they band together and find a way out? Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Inside will take you on a paranormal and psychological journey that will leave you reeling at its shocking end.

Besides the release of Inside, the author will be hosting a book release party at 7 to 9 pm on October 16, 2019 at a mysterious and historically haunted Napa Valley property. Tickets available at the door for $40, including wine, hors d’oeuvres by Market St. Helena and Zuzu Napa, a psychic medium and entertainment, as well as an autographed copy of Inside and giveaways. On October 23, 2019, another book signing is scheduled at Copperfield’s Book, Napa at 1-3 pm.

Siciliano says, I was in the middle of another manuscript when Inside took over. I couldnt put it down. The characters and story came to life and flew out of my pen. It needed to be written. And yes, its a horror novel, but underneath it is a story about friendship.

According to Siciliano, the idea was born from a tale told to her by a friend about an abandoned California house. In the middle of the night, sometimes a flame can be seen from within. When the song Hotel California got stuck in her head a few months later, particularly the line, ‘ you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave,’ Inside took on a life of its own, and demanded to be written.

Copies of Inside are available for pre-order through

About DM Siciliano:

DM Siciliano, a Massachusetts native with a dark sense of humor and curiosity for haunted houses and things out of the ordinary which led her down the path of completing her first novel, Inside. Several other projects are constantly floating around in her head daily, sometimes keeping her up much too late at night. Occasionally, those projects are so dark and twisted, she needs to leave a nightlight on. She now lives in Napa, CA with her two fur babies, Cezare and Michaleto. 

For more information about the novel of DM Siciliano along with its book release party and orders, please visit

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